Sunday, December 13, 2009

go go go go

Semester 2 sure one of the best semester i have gone. I LOIKE and HAOTE this semester at the same time. Actually I have nothing to do now but to wait for Subuh prayer, since I managed to be awake until now and subuh is soon. Therefore, it's better to increase some blog post. hahaha.

Anyway, here some list of the GOOD and BAD thing that happen in this semester


- gossiping =)
- too much of free time i guess
- a lot of movie/ drama marathon
- less difficult subject
- stress free time-table
- more holiday than ever
- more friends
- challenges
- opportunities
- gamelan =)


- Programming =(
- less focus studies
- became a lazy student(seriously)
- Couples fiesta or "musim mengawan"(what they say)
- SUPER HOT weather
- conflict
- less going out. (this could be good reason too)
- School Holiday =( (jealousy in the air)
- Sarcastic mode
- accident is everywhere( in UTP ) sad sad

In a nutshell, (waha) this semester is like a socialize semester, I don't know why but, even myself have difficult time to focus on my studies. Seriously! I rather play tennis, squash or maybe jogging around the campus than reading books. Here I state that, if my result were to go down(lower than last time which is 3.29 btw) it's must be because of those sports. Yeah. they are the one to be blame for =p

Piss mode is still ON actually, it's hard to turn it off now, not until i have my sleep. Huhuhu.
I guess I better do anything else.

Until then~


  1. i'm agreee with you that this semester had drive student from 'ulat buku' to gamez..hahaha

  2. yeah. hopefully all of them will change a bit, think about their future back...huhuhu

  3. bile banyak assignment, merungut. ni dah tak banyak kerja pun, nak merungut. manusia...manusia...
    ade je yang die tak puas hati.

  4. x byk kerja, x free sangat. perfect =)