Wednesday, December 23, 2009

3mstr Crnvl :0

Trimester Carnival

This is the main reason why i didn't went back to Subang for Comic Fiesta. huhu. The trimester carnival which start at Thursday night and ends at Sunday night. I tell you, my life turns upside down during those time, didn't do the laundry, homework lagi la. The English presentation was also a last minute preparation. But Alhamdullilah it turn out to be a VERY successful presentation(i think)

Some of the event that was held during the carnival:
- Futsal
- Netball
- Badminton
- Basket
- Ping pong
- Magnificent Race (expolare wannabe)
- Tug of war
- DOTA tournament

btw here some photo of the event :)



~Tug of War~

~DOTA tournament~

~Ping pong~


Trimester Carnival Dinner

Corporate is the theme and the venue is MPH. The event was good despite the lack of experience of the committee, it's probably their first time doing such event i think. Anyway, the result which course who got 1st is such a controversial, i know a lot of people are not satisfy with the result but still, thing in the past we should bury it and open the new book. Mechanical Wins though.

~Cam whore before the event starts :)~

~The boy band~

Overall the carnival was a success altough there is a lot of them who can't seems to accept the result.(It's up to them though. It's their life.) I know that, since i'm at almost every event snapping photo for the carnival :) You know what, you are the one who start to say things at back, not in front of the Hicom, then you want to say that i am not satisfy and not expressing my though in public. Stupid kid.

Anyway, going to go back to beloved Subang tomorrow after the lecture. Oh yea oh yea. Miss you guys back at home okay :)

p/s: shopping time people. Oh sorry wallet, you just have to bear this pain for a while now :(

Until then~

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