Friday, December 25, 2009

Body Part

Today is holiday, infact one of the most celebrated holiday for those who celebrate it. It got nothing to d owith me anyway, so i decided to guide my friends who wanted to buy a new speaker at Lowyatt. Let's my body do the talking will ya??



filled with a lot of decision, what kind of jeans I want, do I really Really need a new shoes?, which shop have better sales on jeans? What time should I buy for my ride back to UTP? Luckily the Thinking skill that Dr. Ong taught me come helpfull this time. Hahaha.


went big, then small seeing all those big numbers of discounts. Damn! If have those money. Ah! Never mind, i have to focus on my first important priority. Seeing a lot of people here and there especially at the cinema(i wanted to see Avatar, but theres a lot of people =.= malasla.)


was busy handling all those good stuff.


was torched with all those walking from one point to another. It's been a while for you guys to go for a long distant in a not so comfortable for long trip shoe. Pity you guys, but rest assured, tonight and tomorrow going to be your day off from tiring walk :)


growling is what you did. But relax, i know when you are desperate :)
"kambing" today was quite good right? hahahahah....

PMR result has gone out(am i too late? hahaha) and that have taught me of making my best effort for this remaining semester. Hopefully, just hopefully i can get back my focus and try my best to get dean list! Oh Yes!

p/s: macam mana speaker ko azman? Antec Lansing :)
p/s: bes window shopping for camera :))

Until then~

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