Monday, December 28, 2009

Testimony :))

Boring wave have again hit me hard, so I decided to write some testimony of my friends, in case, hopefully not, if I were to suffer from lost of memory. huhu. touching lak. :P

*serious mode*

Thanks all for being a friend of mine all this time, whether you are new to my life or has been with me a long time before, A BIG THANK YOU to all of you.

p/s: to those who i miss out, sorry!

Huhu. Lets begin shall we? Drum please~~~~heee


Izzatul / Huda / izzy?

Huhu.Huda eh? Haha. met her in form 2 i think, but at that time i am sure she doesn't even know that i'm exist(probably). We've been friend for quite some time now.
I lost contact with her after form 4 as she was transferred to another school. Contacted her back again after SPM. She have been a good friend to talk, share something in mind,
gossiping( ahaha ). Funny, smart, beautiful, hardworking is her best traits. Currently studying in UIA, foundation of engineering.
Hope we can still be friend despite the distance between us. Miss you and good luck btw! heeeeeeee =)

Qayyum / Ayum

MY RICHEST friend, and only friend that is studying oversea. MEDIC pfft. Anyway, he and nazrin have been my best friend since we started form 4. Hanged out a lot of time especially after SPM, thanks bro for all those times!
Yeah.Currently studying in Egypt, i don't know where. (sorry) Talented in football, a playboy :P and a smartass!! rich too! A guy you can trust you secret, but not that much la. hahaha =p
"Bile balek jom ar lepak2 weh. Naz rindu ko gila gila la weh. Hahahahaha. All the best for your medic kay boy, i'll be needing your free service soon in the future. haha

Nazrin / Naz

Haa. My gay friend (gaahahaha) who have a lot of problem even until now. Hahaha. Met him in Form 4, he just transferred to my school, since his PMR was you-know-why. He was a good friend of mine, awful sense of fashion(kidding)
, love weird music and love to be cool. But still, whatever you try I'm way cooler than you hahahaha. Did i mention, he is filthy rich? Yeah. Damn rich. Currently studying in UiTM Penang, Civil engineering.
Smartass in Math, love cigarettes, korean drama, and hanging out. Weh, sorry if i did'nt contact you for some time now, it difficult to go out you know, holiday is not the same, next year maybe. huhuhuhu.

p/s: sori coz i didn't make it to CF this year. Have a lot of thing in the campus tough. huhuhu

Pija / filzah

Pijaaaa! One of my best girl friend in my previous school. She love to 'menyebok' in everything.She love to tease me, but in the end of the day, she is the one who being teased with. Pity her.
Currently in Kolej Matrikulasi Kedah(sori x ingat kt mana. huhuhu). She have been the one that encourage me to study, doing revision in my SPM year. Basically, she is Childish, demanding, happy and smart too.
Sorry if I seldom contact you now, u are busy, and i don't have much credit btw(alasan =p) Hey, maybe after all this foundation and matrix is done, we could make a gathering???
I would love to join too.



the laughing one. My fun, smart, laughing machine roommate. Seriously the first time i met him, he was so innocent, then i found out the real side of him. He's a fun buddy to talk, to laugh to.
Just so you know, he has a crush on Keiko Kitagawa, actress of Buzzer beat. Weird right? gahahahahaha.
He is laughable, fun, smart, lazy sometimes, and caring gak. (weh aku dah tulis baik2 ni, blanja roti nan cheese satu hahahaha ;p)

Syamat / Syahmi / buaya

The crocodile one. Met him in the MAS week, a crocodile at first, but turn out to be a good one. Hahahaha ;p Anyway, he is STAR, come from STAR, basically anything that have to do with STAR. Huahuahua.
He is indeed a good friend to laugh with, a very hot tempered too but i know deep inside he's lonely, sedih dia weh. huhuhu. Kind hearted, love football,
love beautiful girl (:3). My first impression toward him turn out to be wrong after all after knowing him for quite some time now. Anyway, he have been one of my best friend here in UTP. Thanks bro!
"Weh birthday kau nanti tau ar air apa ko minum nanti. gahahaha"

Nik / Hariz

The military one. Gun was hiz 'thang'!! He love everything about war and gun and gun and gun(the list goes on and on). He was one of the Bfix(?) group i think, the same group as mine.
Uses english in daily conversation, which is good btw to help me in my talkign skill. Thanks mate, you train me good. Next time you want to go to war, please, give me some present first okay? hahaha

Ajieb / jip

The smart one. Smartass that study less yet still having a better result than mine. An alien with a very bad haircut(hahahaha), a pro in talking English, a succesor to Pali driving skills. OH NOES!
First met him on MAS week, a nerd indeed XD. He even got offer to go to Germany but ignore it. ntah pape...huhuhu

Leman / man

The fun one. Sulaiman, one of my first friend here in UTP, active, outspoken in front people. Funny and yet maintaining the "jambu"ness with his PINK helmet. I repeat, PINK.
One of the mastermind in pranking people especially for birthday :s

Nas / Naz

The genius one. Naz? Nas? HAHAAHAHAHAHA. joking! Dean List is enough to describe him. Smartess SMESH student i've ever met. His brain is like a hard disk, capable of storing a lot of information, but his specialty is
processing, accurately math! Math genius. Met him in MAS, but then he still a mysterious child that time. A funny, sometimes childish, kid. Brainiac.
Did i mention he has this big CRUSH on ......?? No? hahahaha.

Khairiah / khey / K

The "jiwang" one. My lab partner. A good one too, love to get in "jiwang mode" for no reason, talking crap and her best thing, and also being kerek. Just kidding. She is actually another way around. Hahaha. Thanks to her, my lab work never been easier. Hahaha. Claimed that she enjoy working herself out, but i never actually seen her going to the lake, okay maybe once in the sports complex :P
A good partner to talk crap to but be warned. Hohohoho. Could be emo sometime, and then "jual mahal" suddenly, probably trying to look cute or something. idk. Overall a good friend, thanks for waking me up those important time. I know i can depend on you.(wep, ak dah puji neh XD)

Azman YB / man bike

The fastezz one. "Man Yang Berducati". Famous in UTP for his speed in travelling from one point to another. Always involved in Community, active as a VIP in a community.
Love to make jokes that is hard to understand by us normal people...Get excited everytime I talk about car, excited like when a monkey get a flower. It turn out
that he is a secretive type which very good in keeping secret.. Up until nowadays, I still don't know his ehm...crush =))

Pali / fazli

The recless one. Taxi 3? yup, he was one of the main actor that drives the taxi ridiculously in the movie. He has a lot of driving techniques that could make you stomach feels a little bit weird.
A kind hearted man, wanted to marry with a Japanese/ Korean girl in the future, love his wira very much despite it's very low fuel each time the car starts. Hahahaha. Next time
loose up some moeny for the car fuel okay ;p

Cabi/ Chubby / cabott

The funny one. Love to make idiotic jokes, yet he is smart. Roomate of the legendary superbiker in UTP. hahahaha. He is weird, love to create weird tagline like HOH, DIH god know what he will create after this.
" He is not gay " is the phrase that he always say. I think he is very lonely despite having a fastest man in UTP as his roomate. A crazy funny friend indeed, could be very annoying like face-puncing annoying but
at heart he is a good kid.

Kak Jah / afiqah mustafa ;p

The wierd funny blank one. Started to be 'freindly' to her since sem2, probably because of Foundateam. She is Smart, funny, full with suprise, her blogpost was good to btw.(puji neh weh XD)
Love her pink toilet slippers XD(buat lawak je weh), a good friend eventhough not that close in class. Honestly, her writing is impressive, love her blog byw, filled with
good jokes and crazyness..hhuuhuhu. GO DODOL!!

Shuk/ Shukor / Shukoqee(spelled : shukok eee.)

Lan roomate, he was a good friend too look for gossip :s He's like lan twin, since standard 3 i think??? that makes them, twin that were separated since birth. hahaha
A good friend to talk your problem to, gossiping is his skills, and he always got a way with girls. huhuhu. jeles2. hahah XD

Lan / Azlan / alan

caplan? no no. nvrmnd. did i mention he is shuk twin? no! actually he is shuk but in a slimmer, taller body. Separated by scientific device drop by some alien in Gombak.
hahaha. enough with th crap story, he love math, a good student, too depended on his laptop and broadband, idk he can survive without those two. haha. RT RT! HAHAHAHAHA :p

Muniras / muny

The emo one. Love to make Emo fb & ym status. For some reason, she love to be (weird/strange). "Aku strange" is like her tagline. i dunno. huhu. I don't know why but she is always happy-go-lucky with her life.
Came late to class, her "checkers" trends? Love to tease people?, it's probabaly her reflex. hmmm.. A good listener honestly. thanks for listening(more like reading) all this time. BF suck! hahahaha. :P

Zaki / zack

The accident one. He funny man you know, acting like he's innocent but actually he is just another crocodile, and unfortune one actually. he love to accidently crash his motorcycle
onto a car for some unknown reason. But he's still okay until now. Thank god for that. Although he is someone who like to look up on girls, he is actually a shy person.
Weird friend indeed. hahaha.Not to mention a very wierd/ gayish person XD

Fatin / atin?

The innocent one. Didn't know she exist until i met her in my tutorial group XD(sori. haha) btw, she asked me to heal her laptop, which i tried, i TRIED :(
always been the innocent one and also a kind-hearted one, which good actually. Someone who you can tell your problems to. huhu.

I guess it's all from me for now. New year is around the corner, better start to planning for next year :)

p/s: buhbye 2009 :(


  1. thanx 4 ur PUJAN MELAMBUNGGG. haha
    im so overwhelmed.TOTALLY ;)

    p/s: gamba saya amat hodoh diambil dari FB farah(??)


  2. hee~

    gmbr of course di amek kt fb fara. eh. okay pee. cun cun. hahaha

    ble lagi nak berym?