Thursday, January 20, 2011

Holiday ends.

It's late Thursday evening and here I am was sitting in front of the laptop, eagerly waiting for Naruto new episode. Nahhh. Not really. Who read those kiddo stuff. Yeah I did. Wait, Naruto isn't kiddo stuff, Bleach is.

Alright, alright enough. So now I have been on holiday for what? a week and a half? Right. Although my holiday just one over eight of other normal people holiday equivalent to one week from a 2 month holiday, I found that it is indeed very long. How the hell can you guys survive that long at home, doing nothing other than sleep, eat, watching movies, then sleep again and then get fat. Seriously I salute you guys out there.

Anyway with only 3 days left until the new semester I want to wish you guys all, Welcome back. Welcome back from a fatting lifestyle and start this new semester with a blast. Forget of the sad past and move on with better vision, better plan and make sure this year of 2011 be a great year for Academics. Until then.

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