Monday, May 31, 2010

May Allah bring down disaster to them.

Last night, i got this sms wishing us all muslims to pray and doa for the ship, namely Gaza Flotila that was responsible to ship all supply including medical, food, cloth and etc. I received the message quite late so i decided just to ignore it but i did pray in my heart that they will arrived safely toward their destination without any problem whatsoever.

As I was walking on the road toward Plaza Lowyatt, my handphone vibrates, indicating a sms just successfully being recieved. So i check, and i was very shock to know that, 3 have died and many have been injured. Masyaallah. Damn the isrealian army.

For your info, more than 50 countries gather all the supply and together sent all the needs in the ship, Gaza Flotia. Up until now, i heard that more than 16 died due to the attack done by the Israel army. Here some video i manage to get.

May Allah give peace to the dead and damn to the one's that are responsible for the attack.
If you have time, do pray for them so that all the supply are safe until the destination. Amin.


  1. mangkuk ayun tul israel. abugit kang baru tahu.

    eh, joinlah Millatfacebook. tentang yahudi.

  2. sudah join. skrang nak ajak rmai2 fren jer. :)

  3. takkan la mnde cmni ak nak tipu. hmmm izzat