Tuesday, May 25, 2010

memory lane

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Few more days is the anniversary of me getting into UTP. haha. Time sure does come and go fast enough for us to realize it. I'm no longer the 'old' me, the less-social person, okay i'm still not that social but it was much better this time around. And I don't mean 'social' by going to club, pub, concert etc, but 'social' in which means talk more to people, share more and get to know more.




"O HAI KH :)"

Yes. My name also have evolved over the year from Hanif to merely, easy to remember and identify, KH that stands for Khairul Hanif. Where that name come you say? It was all because of that futsal jersey i wore during the MAS. yeah. Good times.




Would you believe that I was only one year old in photography. I bet only my schoolmate knew. It was a new hobby that I decided to grow in UTP as some involvement for the extra co-curricular activities. And guess what, it turn out good for me, most of the friends knew me of my 'photography' activity around the campus especially events involving the trimester students :) ceh poyokan diri sikit. hahaha



Me myself have evolved very much is I can say, every aspect and I am proud of it. Sure i still have difficulties handling big crowds but hell, most of the people do to right? Physically i can say, not much of changes happen, yeah my face getting more matured? Somewhat that sound funny. My weight does not change much sadly.

self whoring, innocent boy

More matured, smart looking, handsome, you name it ;p


For just one year, a lot has changed. Some are for good and some are for worst but there are still room for improvement for us all. For just one year i become someone i only wish before, but now standing on my own feet i can't wait for more to come. Goodbye foundation. Hello Undergraduate :)

Until then guys.


  1. terima kasih awak. pfft =.=

  2. waa. best ny =D

    btw, i acknowledge u as khanif.


  3. hahaha. as long as you rmember me, tak kesah la nak pnggil apa2. haha ;)