Saturday, May 29, 2010

Awesomly awesome

Just finished watching the last chapter of the ever awesome, funny and action packed, Chuck. I'm not really sure it's the last of the season but giving the 'awesome' factor in the bit end of the almost an hour show, i bet it is the last of the season.

Wow. I never though it could be this great. Last few episodes have been pretty much dry but the few last seems very much awesome. Why did i repetitively include awesome again? Lost of word already? hahaha. Thumbs up. Hope the upcoming season will be a blast.

Oh. this is not an update. Just releasing some 'awesomeness' i had due to the last episode. hahaha. Until then guys.


  1. i dont adore chuck.
    goofy kotttt.


  2. who said about adoring him? haha. yerla, dia pndai yg hensem, gantang, macho jer kn? haha