Sunday, May 30, 2010

chocholate love

Oh, how love come's and go by. Now i'm no longer in love with the Kinder Bueno and BOSS milk coffee, but instead, i have a new passion.

Yes. Ice peach tea and Boost chocolate. I'm not saying that kinder bueno is bad, no but somewhat boost is much more satisfying to eat. Oh my, how i wish i had this in my fridge everyday :)

p/s: Pokka ice peach tea taste less sugary, Seasons one is much more nicer to have. Sadly cannot find it just now :(

p/s: since it is no longer studying season, i have to say goodbye to any type of coffee :|


  1. pakar pengkaji peach ice tea=D.cadbury boost tu mmg padat owh,tp muak lak kalo mkn slalu..

  2. naz: tu psl aku mkn kdg2 jer. bru layan mkn. haha