Friday, April 30, 2010

I'll try not the be useless in the weekend

Weekends have been a very lazy time of the week for me perhaps most of the university students. Weekdays are not that packed as High school but hey, at least the amount of assignment we have now is greater than in school. Besides, we are dumber that time.

Wake up, finals is another one week and we have like 14 days before graduating foundation :) Yeah! A very awaited time for all of us but of course this time around we will not acknowledge that foundation is indeed a the best moment in our life in UTP but later when we are on our undergraduate time we will surely miss all these memory we had during the first year in university.


Other than let's talk about 15 May 2010. Guess what? Yeah you guess it right. But then i had this one little problem. My friend got an offer i hardly could resist in which becoming the facee of MAS. It going to take one week after the final exam for Minggu Aluan Siswa. I can bear that, but having to close company, that going to be tough.

Forget about that now. Got to settle all the assignment and homework that have been build up because of exams. Got to go. Until then guys :)

p/s: No naruto this week. damn. bosan.
p/s: nak hadiah photofest. huhuh. tlg la dpt byk :0 hahaha