Thursday, April 22, 2010

Public Lecture

Just finish my Chemistry II test 2 this evening. Not much of calculation needed as the topic included this time only required deep knowledge of the topic and all the theory related to it. Out of 25 which is the total mark, i hope i can get above 20 :)


EDX(Education Design Expo)

Today is the opening for EDX, the second largest or maybe third largest event beside Convofair here in University Teknologi Petronas. The opening ceremony was officially done by our very own Chansellor, Tun Dr. Mahathir.

In conjunction with the Opening Ceremony, he also gave a public lecture with the title, Vision after 2020. Honestly, the lecture, okay more like a talk was indeed fun. But i did not stay for the whole time as I still haven't cover some of the Chemistry topic in which I will having my test after that.


Taking the night off, will continue with Calculus later on. Weekends will be filled with entertainment, Kembara Sufi and also Euphonious. What a great way to spend weekends!

Until then guys!


  1. i wish i can get above 20. bukan mmg boleh dapat :)

  2. EDX bkan Engineering Design Exhibition ke??...haha..xpe2..x suke pun edx ne..haha