Thursday, April 15, 2010


Belonging like anything else in this world won't last forever. No matter how careful you treat it, it won't no matter what be good enough to last for a very long time.So here i am posting everything valuable to me that have been a very good company for all this time.

Let's begin with the oldest friend of mine.

Mrs. Sony Walkman W810i.

It have been with for 3 years now. The battery have been changed for 2 time already and the memory stick have failed but the phone itself still work like new. I love you so much but sooner i have to let go of you, you don't have wi-fi capabilities :(

Mr.Samsung Yp-P2

Got you from my 2nd salary working with Manhattan. It's been what? A year now? You still living the expectation regardless your memory almost at it's peak :|

Mrs. Canon EOS 1000D

This one is a second hand, first used by my father. It's been a while we've been together, if i'm not mistaken 2 months? and you really does help me make my day.

Mr. BodyGlove Wallet

You. I bought you with my first dem salary. You are still usefull until now but i know you getting sick of getting shove up my ass into the pocket. Rest assure, it won't be long enough before you going to sleep tight in the drawer :)

Mr. Spectacles

1 year and 4 month we have been together. I know it's hard to makes you all shine and clean with no scratch, smudge what so ever but my hand like any other normal hand tend to produce oils. So sorry. Sorry again for losing your nose comforter (what ever you call them ).

Mr. Timex Expedition watch

This was actually belong to my father but at that time (form 4) i really wanted a new watch so he gave me this, and he bought new one. Some scratch can be seen on the screen but you still tough as a solid man!


Anyhow, i hope you guys can still provide help to me as i'm in a SAVING mode (wanted a tele lens :>) Buying another you people would definitely disturb my planning.

Got to go now. Until then :)

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