Tuesday, April 6, 2010

me vs the atm

24 hours my ***

Damn the CIMB ATM machine has been not is service for quite some time now. I think long before our outing to Bukit Merah the machine has stop functioning. Desperately enough we have to go to other atm machine to withdraw our money. Just in time we have problems with money, the machine broke down. Great. THX you!

Probably that is one of the reason why i haven't top up my phone service. and so sorry,


(pija, sorry can't contact you to wish you good luck. ATM problems :()


Enough with the atm let's move on the next topic. The big F.

F I N A L S.

It is about 1 month but i have been lazy with revision. See, i even wasted time writing a post rather than doodling the chemistry equation or even solving a integration question. Not so soon you know one month. But for now until the final i guess i have to take off the lazy hat and wear a nerd hat then :p No more wasting time. No more outing. No more, you internet. But you know i'm not going to do that right? :P

Until then guys.

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