Sunday, April 11, 2010

101 tips of survival

EDUQUEST Camp begin today and i myself decided to sleep late last night. Later i woke up pretty late, sorry if i didn't open the door a little sooner. What do you expected from university student? Weekend is like heaven on campus.

anyway, i had gone my EDUcamp session before and it was quite amazing.(at that particular time only ;p) Let's begin shall we?


the morning all you do is put all you luggage to some room, whether it's at Old village 6 ( yeah, i kinda shocked when i first heard that too) for men and Village 2 for the girls. Then if i not mistaken you will continue to the Humongous Chansellor Hall for some PETRONAS video, bla bla bla, tour around campus basically nothing much happen in the first day.

Old Village 6 (v6)

There is also introduction session in the evening. there where you'll get to know your group and little about UTP.

At night, there will be some test, if i'm not mistaken Math and Science test for the engineering student and math test for others and after that end you are more than allowed to go back and have some rest. Be warned if you happen to stay in V6, you'll be staying with the seniors and they all usually sleep late and woke up late. Especially during weekends. So bear if the seniors does not put off the light like you usually do. No we don't sleep at 10 and before 12. Only on rare occurrence only.


It's basically the busiest day in the 2 day eduquest. You'll be separeated into 2 groups. One will go to interview session first, the second will go to do the IQ and reasoning test. In the afternoon after some stomach filling moment, you will change your group, from test to interview, interview to test. Like myself, I had interviewing session on the evening and it really is great. I think by evening the interviewer is more likely to just be less aware of what you guys crap of the case study.

additional notes, for the interview session there are 2 part. One is individual and another is group. Individual interview is where you try to amaze the interviewer with all your available skill etc, and the group session is for you to present your case study.

some tips for interview:

- always made a first good impression.
- find a common ground. Something that the interviewer might interested at.(like myself i say i have a good interest in Photography and we chat a little bit about camera and stuff and i do think i made a good first impression. and yeah, i'm the only survivor of my group :) cehh poyo)
- don't stress out to much on the test. It's nothing really.
- during the case study session, do not take control too much(unless you know what ur doing), DON'T be to quiet, DON'T argue too much and in the end of the day jsut get along with the people alright. Who knew it could be your classmate in the future.
- and lastly, be polite to seniors.

I think that is all i can share with you people. Some news, i'll be the faccee for the EDUQUEST camp session 4 and i will meet you guys on 20 and 21st April. And some last word,

GOOD LUCK.(petronas interview is the easiest of them all. I can assure you.)

got anything just ask. I'm more than happy to help :D


  1. ala izzat. sori la ko tak dpt Petronas. Ak cme nak bantu budak2 yg akan melalui EDUQUEST je nih.

  2. thanks for the info :) mine is this wedsnesday n thursday. wish me luck :D

  3. anonymous - glad i can help. me too was searching for these info back 1 year ago ;) all the best.

    got anything just ask. The memory are still fresh i think.

  4. haha, aku suke tgk dorg tgk aku. rase da besar :P

    btw, tgk diorg, terigt lak azam aku masa bru masuk sini, skrg dah kasi pusing 360 darjah. muke diorg sgt suci

  5. biasalah tu. aku pon dlu cmtu gak. mke suci mmg x leh nafi ah wey. rasa bersalah lak nak lepak blik mmeber borak2 smpai ke pagi. ahahaha

  6. yeahhh ur post reli helped me alot, especially to mentally prepare for the tests :) when will the results be out? a feew weeks after is it? n are the interviews in english??

  7. anonymous - the resut will be out probably 1 month after the interview session because your intake will begin at 20+ or 17+ of May. So yeah, about a month or so.

    Interview session is all in English but you can spill some Bahasa as long you manage to make your point. They won't test on how great your language is but on your personal traits/ thinking.

    glad i can help :)

  8. ohhh okay thanks again! :) how's the study life there eh? u're a 1st year student ryte?

  9. study life depends on your daily activity. as for me, quite realxing still although finals is coming soon. n btw, i'm foundation last semester ;)

  10. ohhh yeah i can tell the place is reli reaxing :) i went to the camp already. it was a great experience for me. thanks for all ur help :)