Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Dean List XD

Today we had the Dean List Award Ceremony under FASSA. I was working under the Registration department lead by Atul for this probably last event under FASSA before leaving for Foundation and into Undergraduate Studies.

Some picture to do the lengthy talk.

Above: registration department on duty.

meheee :)

mechanical students :)

Above: Happy faces.

Outstanding performance from Faizal Tahir :D

Smart arse.

Above: Faiqah and Erna performing.

Above: Haziq hefty monster.


Seeing all those smart ass walking on the stage, toward the rector with smile on their faces and proud and thankful feeling makes me all boiled up to try even harder to get Dean list for this last semester of Foundation. Ah. I really wanted this. I wanted to graduate Foundation with flying colours. (Hahaha)


Chemistry II test 2 will be just around the corner and I still having difficulties to understand what does SN1, SN2 and all these brilliant stuff have to do with our real life? Understanding is one part and application is another one to understood before taking the exam. Its like we have to make a pie before eating them or get the milo sachet before making Milo drink or or giving up before even trying or packing up things before actually going back home. Nevertheless, I promise i will try my best this time to get a better score so that my percentage of getting dean increased ;)


  1. gile gile..aku xdpt kot anugerah..sial..dpt sijil jek..tu pn kene amik sendiri...huhu

  2. tu la. ak suh msuk UTP x nak. ahahaha