Friday, May 8, 2009

*pew pew*

GODSPEED to Matriculation people

Invitation to the OWSOME



today is really a great day for me.haha.guess what, i got the scholarship from petronas!! wait what? Does tht means i dont have to go to matrix and UiTM penang?? I MEAN REALLY NOT GOING???? yes! yes! yes! Thank you sister(i dont know your name) for calling me just to inform i got the place in UTP for mechanical engineering! gosh!

This is unbelievable! Laptop Loan, here i come baby!!!


I guess today is my lucky day after all..haha..thanks everyone. I guess i wont be your company at UiTM penang afterall, Nazrin. haha. sorry about that!


You know what? Yesterday is the most tiring day ive had this entire week. I spend quite a lot of money yesterday btw.
We(me, nazrin, qayyum) went Sunway Pyramid to have fun for the last time i think, before all of us further our studies.

First off we watched X-men:orgin. I love the show, but i prefer more action from the side-character like deadpool, wade atc. The movie is quite fun to watch if you happen to like previous X-men installation.

Skating on Ice

Anyway, few moment after that we(me and nazrin) went to wet our pants in a game of ice skating, well except im the one who wet my pants the entire 2 and a half hour.

Suprisingly, we met ridhwan and the gang(zamir, muiz, adham,dzarrif). I was unhappy to know thay didnt ask me to join them, but nahh, im already there so what the heck? This session of ice-skating was fun,well mainly because i can finally FINALLY skating without the help of the fence.ha ha ha.

As always, my foot hurt badly due to my 'noob'ness in skating.
It was fun, really, eventhough my pants was nearly soaked in water. Not to mention i have my P2 and handphone in my pocket. lala. nevermind, the phone is already old. Daddy can i get a new one? I got the petronas scholarship already, right?


After some tiring and breaking-my-foot session, we had our dinner. Somewhat that sound terribly wierd.

Later on we again went to watch movies. But this time, we watch the sci-fi epic galaxy movie, TEH STAR TREK! You have to admit it man, it was awsome aighht? But let me remind you, do bring some shades when watching the movie, because its freaking flaring your eyes!!

After a few *pew pew* moments, we finally headed home. The bus ride was like always, boring and long.
Went home, had my prayer, then the best thing comes. I cannot sleep.

haha. weird right? Its like ive taken drugs or something until i cannot sleep. Im very tired but somehow cannot sleep. As the last resort, pluck my ears with IEM, pump out the volume of the P2, BAM! sleep as sound!

Woke up at 11. Like always, but i had my subuh prayer okay! Read the newspaper.GREAT! its about perak again.WTF cant they made a new state election dammit. My eyes and ears are bleeding already.
That was all of it. Crap! i wrote an essay again. ha ha. sh*t got driving class today *yawn* Darn, got gathering today. Got Rockband 'session' today.

Weirdly today i got quite a lot of invitation.haha. UTP, Rockband, more tiring day.What i need.hmm

until then~
live long and prosper!

glad you like those stuff izzatul =D

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