Monday, May 25, 2009


Suicide?? Lol. Thats defenietly a catchy titles. Lol. Im not going to say anything related to killing-myself-in-1001-ways. Lol.

Enough of the cheap talk.


Ok! This week gonna be the most tiring, enjoying, sux, and scary week i've EVER had this year. Well, sort off. This is my schedule for your info my little rabbit.

Monday -

Today i went to the theater to watch "Night at the Museum 2 : (Put the correct title here)". I got to say, it was hillarious. Eventhough it is quite funny, the mocie still sux in my opinion. Lol. No offence here fan but, it doesnt have the 'Aura' that some comedy movies like Pall Blart : Mall Cop, and The Uninvited do(The Uninvited is very funny. Trust me on this. You'll see a lot of movie prop in the movie. Aside from that, it is very dark and suspense. sh*t)

Tuesday -

Tomorrow evening i'll be attending driving class, infact probably the last driving class before the JPJ test. Yay!

Wednesday -

Actually I got nothing to do this day, but im planning on watching Terminator Salvation until i realised the shows is all at night. lol. Plan Fail. I guess i'll be packing my stuff up on wednesday.

Thursday -

Doomsday. Wait, doomsday is on Friday. Okay. Its JPJ test day. Freak out people.

Friday -

Its Friday im in Love. I love that song, which is.............not related to this post.

Doomsday. Wait, the big signs havent completed. Maybe this wont happen but who knows??
Anyway, Packing up and checking up shall be done on today. Darn. Have to go to friday prayer also. Seeing my friends for the last time. lol. That sounds emo. haha.

Saturday -

Perak! here I come!!! Going perak a day early so that we can have a short vacation! Great!
Nothing to do this day except for preparing all the things necessary.

Sunday -

Registration day!! New life! New friends! New enviroment! Luv it! Cant wait for this day to come.

Hell, its a very 'pack' week but nevertheless im going to enjoy this moment well enough.


All the best to all, especially to Imran, Irfaan, Irfan(f-on-r), Izzatul, PIJA(nak jgk), Amanina and Shamil(shax), whos just left last week. Lol. Izzatul, jangan lupa pergi check gigi, nanti berkarat laks =P

All the Best and Until Then~~~


  1. wow...
    impressive!!!! hey!! where the hack is my name??? A.T.B to aman and izzatul only??/!!!
    look who's talking.....
    looks like i've been forgotten!!!!!
    ahah.. sounds emo there..
    so what's up with you and izzatul?? aaaaaaaaaaa...
    she;s your 'special friend" hahahaahha.......
    come on tell me your 'secrets'!!

  2. oit oit oit!

    lupa la dkat pja. bdak matrik la kn? eyhh. main2 jer.

    da puas???