Sunday, June 21, 2009

Walking Walking finding food (jalan-jalan cari makan)

Evening here is like always, boring. Everyday, no new activitiy done in this time. Probably because the senior aren't her yet.

Instead of doing my usual routine, which is jogging around the lake, i decided, 'Hey lets do something new'!! Okay, Lets see...hmm catching fish seems to be an activity we(more like myself) never had experience before.

And fyi, there is this spot near the lake that people and fish loves to hangout. The bridge. Yes. Sadly i didn't have the picture with me now. Maybe i'll post it later in the next post.

Instead of going to the usual fish' hangout place' we went somewhere a little further from the bridge.

Okay. Fish spotted! Now for the main event. Actually, me and my friends have been doing this unbenefitial stuff for quite sometimes now. haha. But today is the real deal XD.
One of my friend Fadzli, with high enthusiasm, bought along a few what we called 'mata kail'.

Although he didn't manage to get any fish due to his noob-skill in fish catching, one of his friend with the name of anonymous who suddenly came in bicycle along with few of his friend show us the REAL way of catching fish. With bottle. Yeah. Its that modern!

After some trials and error, he finally manage caught a fish. Im not sure what type of fish is that because i never care to know.(hahaha. mana pernah basuh ikan. nak sotong jer >:o senang!)

The mastermind is on the most right.(yang lain bajet macam dapat tangkap jer.haha)

Then because no one want to bring the fish back to the hostel, i took the responsibility to take it home. Back in the hostel i felt very hungry. I looked at the fish with a smiley face like this---> =), Then suddenly,

Maggi Mee !

Dont worry, the fish is not inside the bowl. HAHA. they released the fish soon after the Pak Guard came. Luckly the Pak Guard didn't SAMAN us, if not rm30 gone like that only laa..
And the story about me bringing the fish back to the hostel is just fictional.haha. Don't worry, i love animals, excpet for bugs. Do i tell you how much i hate bugs?? Well, maybe next time.

That's all for now!
Pile of homework needed to be done !

UNtil then~~


  1. salam pkenalan..

    teruk sgt ke idup kat UTP tu?
    ada sorg student matriks pahang benti matriks sbb nk msk UTP..
    x smpi sminggu da blk smula ke matrx..

  2. > nadea

    comel lagi pabila dimakan XD


    teruk ke tak tu bergantu kepada keupayaan seseorang untuk survive la. persaingan mmg hebat kat cni. Weekend mmg bosan melampau kalau x kluar...UTP kn kat tronoh. jap Tronoh kat mana haa?????

  3. wht flavor was d maggi mee?
    looks yummy..
    ahah :P

  4. >fiqoo

    flavor kari ikan UTP.. lol XDD
    ntah lae. dak ingat

  5. haha. catch fish by using bottle? is dat possible? how come aaaaa? gile best! tasik utp mmg mind teraphy ehh ;DD best gle kott tgk ikan BANYAK.

    eh, how many guards a kt sni eh? gle byk, mcm klon plak. muke mcm same plak tuu sume. horror gle!

  6. > ainna

    haha. klon pak guard giler byk kot. belambak2 slalu dtg kat kafe V5..

    bottle disangkut mata kail ah..

  7. haha. buddy, only if you know from where the water the lake contains came from. Do some research with your friend. Follow the stream next in between the new mosque and the old mosque to find out the source of the water =b

  8. oww..
    gtaw jer la pasai bugs 2..
    ulat ijau utp..haha~