Tuesday, June 9, 2009

UTP life begins!



Finally, I mean finally! I got the chance to update my blog since the last decade. sort off.

First of all, Sorry, Gomen ,and pesaroso, for fail to update my blog on the the 1st n 2nd day on UTP. Its not that i dont want to, but I can't. The internet connection there suxx big time. Anyway, thank god theres wireless connection at the IRC(information resource centre). Whats thats you say???

Library. Yes the ENOURMOUS library at Chansellor Hall in UTP. So far this is the best place for internet-surfing, sosializing, group discussion and yes, sleeping.

And fyi, My room was quite okay that what i expected. Seriously. Because at first I tought that its much smaller.

Block Ethana (E-01-24)


Breifly about the education system, We are the first batch, i repeat the first effing batch of UTP new trisemester Foundation. TRISEMESTER!!!!! Get it? 3 sem in one year, 1 week of holiday for one sem. Unlike the undergrad and last batch foundation students whom only have 2 semester per year with an Whopping 2 month of holiday!!

Like it or not we have to become the lab rats for this new experiments conducted by the management.

Oh yeah! Before I forget, the reguirement for getting the monthly alloance from PETRONAS is with GPA of 2.7
Im not sure whether i can achieve that or not in the first sem, but i will defenietly try my best!
Btw MARA scholar have to get 2.5 while JPA scholar need a whopping 3.3 GPA. Thats really is something.

Minggu Aluan Siswa

Or what they called as Oreintation week. Suck at first but Unforgettable when it ends. Doesn't everything s like that???

The whole week was quite packed with talk, talk and more talk. Yes. Talk. But We all agreed it is more like a sleeping session. zzzz.

We even started our classes on our 2nd day here. Wow! That really is something. My other friends started their classes as early as the 2nd / 3rd week.

The facee of the MAS(Minggu Aluan Siswa) were all Awsome!!
You guys really done a good job. Thanks to all the facee namely abang Hamzah, Abang Din, Kak Tasha, Kak Abim, Kak Liyana, Kak Sara and every facee, not to forget the MEDIAfacee from MEDtech(which I will join soon when the club registration opens).

The events on the MAS(Minggu Aluan Siswa) was quite okay eventhough it was really REALLY tiring. Everyday we only got 5 hour of sleep plus some sleep in the breifing session, total up about 5.2 hours only for sleeping.

Luckly the suffering ends sooner than expected. haha.

Cam Whoring when no one is around ;P

Bloody tube! Blood extraction at Pocket D..

Platoon B 5+ 6 with kak liyana n kak tasya. sadly no kak abim ;(

The Ends

Ah! The fun, tiring, and enjoyous moments are over for now. The facee are going for their holidays(until july i think.) And fyi, we the MAY 09 foundation is the only batch that are present currently in UTP at the moment. Other are having their happy holiday.. huhuhu

To be honest, MAS was very how do i put it, FUN. yes! fun!
Hopefully times moves fast so that i can meet all the students including the senior hopefully in the july.

Last but not leat, Good luck and Keep in touch!!!!

(actually theres tone of picture i've taken but sadly i dont have the time( you to dont) to upload all the 800+- mb of photos.)

Until Then~

p/s: ill upload some more photo in the upcoming post okay :D


  1. oh, 3 sems in 1 year ?
    means 3 finals exam ? wth.
    haha, patutlah my friend sorg,
    sme batch tgh cuti now.

  2. haha.. orientation week kau besh gak aku rase.. aku punye tahape2 ntah... malas nak kenang balik..

    ala standard la tun 3 sem setaun.. uia pun 3 sem gak.. wakaka.. sem 1 dan sem 2 dan short sem (sem 3 la tuh..) tapi ntuk bidang archi nih.. short sem kitorang dipenuhi ngan belaja arab semate2.. wakaka.. course lain ade gak subjek2 diorang.. kitorangnye takde psl subjek sikit.. hehe..

    tapi aku tak gi short sem kot.. psl takyah amek arab.. yeyy~!! buleh lukis komik puas2~!

    woh aku nampak katil 2 tingkat.. haha.. tido bawah amat panas.. jadi aku angkat tilam letak atas lantai.. baru syok.. malangnye bilik aku tingkat 4.. gile penat.. kau nye tingkat baper meh??

  3. woot, nnt dh dpt awek(s) bru jgn lpe bitaw aku ;p

  4. F-one-r

    hahaha. aku duk tingkat satu.
    member aku jer yg ada dua katil, aku satu jer


    hehehe..insyallah. :p

  5. woit.. sounds quite fun though.. lab rats?? haha.. speaking of rats.. at the end of my 1st sem all of us will be bisect rats.. each of us get 1 rats.. how cool is that!!! u look a lil mature though but still in a cute way,,.. with the 'skema' hair.. haha... plus.. i'm sure you'll succeed above 2.7 ponter... for sure... aja aja fighty!!!!

  6. pija > fyi its not skema hair okay. tu org panggil stail emo. cheh. poyo.

  7. yes, yes..welcome to the trimester session of engineering & technology foundation programme, darling. I will soon meet you in the next semesters to come..hehhehheeheeeheh

  8. hanif > mighty jacksparrow

    are you one of the lecturer or my senior???? ehehe. how come people can find my blog eyh?

  9. i cud be both, you. I am your senior (B.Eng ME Batch 2003) and I will be teaching you Chemistry II.

    How did I find your blog? Well not all academicians are academicians, are we not, now?

    Link me up, buddy.

  10. > mighty jacksparrow

    ai ai captain!