Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Evaluation & The aftermath....

Test is finished. My evaluation on this first semester of my foundation year have been done. Now I just have to wait for the result to come out. The wait is something deadly as it consume yourself throughout the process. But, the wait is something worth for, if, you happen to try your best..

Pehhh...mcm essay, BI pulak. haha. It's bored to start an entry with welcome intro and all that "nerd" stuff..haha.

Enough with the crap, let's move on shall we...


My favorite class.... to sleep. zzzz. No-lah, I'm not like my other friends who find Dr.Bambang class a pretty good time to take a nap. (Budak baik la katakan =p). Anyway, I think I did quite some number of mistake, careless mistake!!!

Darn. Thank god, the chapter that comes out is the easy and the early part. I'll assure you, i'm going to have a difficult time answering the test if chapter 4 is included. Atomic Energy Level FTW!

[Target : so so la. Cannot remember what the total marks :S 40 I guess..]


The most difficult subject other than add-math back at school. But here in UTP, alhamdullilah , I enjoy the subject, just have a little difficulty on accepting the concept and stuff. Huhuhu.
The test was okayy. That's what all people says.

[Target : 20/30]

[Result : 21/30] hahaha.


Not an easy subject definitely, but I think i did quite well though. Just waiting for the result then.

[Target : 20/30]


Ada test juga ker? hahaha.

Until Then~

p/s: Cuti cuti balik Subang!!! Yay!! Kawan UTP ku, rajin2 la bukak YM. boleh kita berhubung..huhuhu. Yang lain pun jangan lupa. X kesah la Budak UIA ker, matrix ker =D


  1. woot...well done
    btw, english ada test. Comprehension.
    we just don't know the details yet...

  2. Hahahah.. ada la.. mana boleh bgtau =P

  3. hee..hee.. sy tau sape dak uia 2.... special.. secret n confidential!! matrx is me n hafiz!! peace yaw....
    wahh... good 4 u... atleast u liking physics now then never..