Friday, July 24, 2009

New speaker Baby!

Today sure is a tiring day.
Went to Lowyat Plaza with nasrul(budak 28) to buy some so call 'electronic stuff'. Me? I went there with a hope to buy a laptop cooler and a 2.1 speaker. Okay we should suppose to gather at the KTM Subang Jaya at 10a.m, but then since slept late chatting with HAHAHAH, I arrived there 30 minutes later with sweat all over my body, rushing maa(I hate to be late fyi).

Okay boring stuff. After that, went to subang parade, bla bla bla then move to KTM back to take a train to KL Central. Then from there we went to lowyat plaza via Monorail. Gagaga. My first time. Arrived at lowyat, went to Times Square (First time also ) and OMG, it's big. Hahaha. Lot's of discount, especially cloth. Arghh. Why la go shopping for cloth early, ish.

After Friday prayer at somewhere in KL, finally went to Lowyat. Haha. Miss that place, the smell, the people, EVERYTHING!

In the end of the day things that i bought are

- Laptop Cooler
- 2.1 Sonic Gear Speaker
- Mouse Pad
- D5000, okay i lied. This was never on my buying list(wish list ada yer, D5000, D90 pon boley aha.)

So much of my 100 ringgit. Haha. Lucky me it was sponsored by my father. Terima Kasih!

Above: What I got for below RM100, A speaker, laptop cooler, mouse pad and a screen cleaner.

I'm not gonna talk about the laptop cooler as it is 'cikai' brand only(wanted to buy zalman or Mastercooler but....Its way over my budget..sad sad). Then I got myself a Sonic Gear EGO 3nity. A 2.1 system speaker for only Rm55.

Yeah I know it sound terribly silly. Regardless it's stupid name, it was a rather nice looking speaker you know. Even the creative or Logitec speaker are less good-looking than this one. Well to be honest I was aiming for a better brand like Edifier or Antec Lansing but then my hope was CRUSHED like a piece of paper. The most cheapest one I can found cost more than my budget which is rm100. And it's just a Stereo speaker with no subwoofer? Huh. Nevermind, maybe when I have more money I'll but one with 2.1 system. Anyway, here some picture of my purchase.

Above: I get it, I have a Mickey Mouse cupboard.

Above: Simple math, 2 + 0.1 = 2.1 speaker.

Above: So much of everything.

Above: I'll wait for you, even if you are far away :P

Overall the system is very good. I love it nevertheless the bad comment from some people in the internet. I got to LOVE the sub woofer. Yeah, I'm going to bring this baby back to my university. My room should be a tiny disco after this. Disco ball next! Hahaha. Kidding.

Sorry to disappoint you, this post is mainly about my little baby. Huhuhu. I get it, It's boring when it comes to this kinda stuff. I know. Gah! Tomorrow ada outing lagi. Tiring week. Huhuhuhu

Until Then~

p/s: Cuti tinggal brapa hari lagi laa.

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