Saturday, August 1, 2009

It's holiday.....AGAIN?

This how the story goes....

It all begin on friday after physics lab ends, when I went to the club exhibition held at Pocket D, at the ice cream booth, people started to say "tutup pukul tiga, hari ni gak!"
Okay, my first reaction was like, OMG? WTF? no ice cream after 3 o'clock? are you kidding me?
Then I discover the truth after asking the ice cream man that UTP going to be closed until next Thursday to prevent more cases of ILI,bukan i love islam, but influenza like illness(haha, nama nak serupa, pening pale aku).. Yes, there is still ice cream...haha. cm bodow jer.(I made the story FYI :P)

Then after arriving at my my hostel, people started going crazy. Ah. For sure its about the 'news' UTP about to be closed....Everyone was like OMG, GLE BEST, X SABAR OW..and I was like, darn, don't want to go back. You know it was just 5 days after our mid-sem break, now holiday again. Boriiinnng.

After Friday prayer, rush back to the hostel, started to pack things up eventhough I still have no idea on how to go back to subang.. Made a few phone call, since bus ticket to KL was sold out, we decided to go to Ipoh. So the journey to go back to subang started with a bus ride to Medan Kitt.

Above: Cam whoring.. with our mask on :P

From there, we took Taxi and move to Medan Gopeng, Ipoh to take an Express Bus to KL. Luckily when we arrive there there is happen to have this one bus that just about to leave the station. So we just took the bus. And fyi its a double decker bus. hahaha. BEST BEST..

This is the first time you know riding on a double story bus. The best thing is it's not full! so we have almost the entire upper floor throughout the journey. Since it's super boring as my mp3 player does not functioning due to lack of batteries i decided to take pictures. haha.

Above: Future doctor. Nahh

Above: Acap with his PSP, watching *ehem*

Above: Karim with his VAIO, watching movies.

Above: Blurr.

Ah not to mention, I have a slight fever on that day. Darn. I seriously hope its not pig flu(hahahaah). Okay I have to admit, im going to enjoy this holiday again. Now that I have my license, i'm free to go anywhere!! yeaah!

Well, I don't know what to say more.

Until Then...

p/s: harap2 cuti raya tak potong...huhuhu