Sunday, August 30, 2009

I wish

You know what, being nearly drown in water and facing an ALMOST car accident sure does make me think a lot. What to do? How are my family? How is she? It Doesn't matter because for sure they will miss you, period.

So I made some list of things I want to achieve for now. Weee~~

- Get married(ok tetiba, this should be my last one. hahaha. still have tons to do before making bonds)

- Finish my studies until perhaps, Master level.

- Learn how to play a keyboard, no not the one with QWERTY, but the real music producing keyboard

- Owns a car, sports car if possible.

- Overcome my fear of driving on the road(It's a shame for myself. huhu)

- Find LOVE.

- Buy a big TEDDY BEAR( that sound really childish, but the HECK?)

- Have a tiger pet, maybe a cat would do. nyaa~

- Owns myself a DSLR. Damn. I really want one badly XD

- Knowing every single person in my course, Mechanical engineering =D

- Flying overseas by my own.

- Meet the real Darth Vader.

Okay, this post was made when i'm at a super BORING state. hahaha. Sorry if i just wasted your time.

until then~


  1. buy teddy bear??? hello ,
    itu sesuai 4 me kayy, not 4 u! hahhha

  2. lol. sometime people have this weird child dream. aha.