Saturday, August 22, 2009

Ramadhan has come.

Writing something on my blog until 3 a.m. Tired, but the enjoyment of writing started to come by, making me hard to stop my finger from, dancing on the keyboard.


Knowing tomorrow have a class as early as 9 o'clock in which I fails to attend to due to lack of information about the availability class, I gently close my-borrowed laptop, and sent myself flying to the world of unconsciousness.

*Knock Knock*

"wake up! wake up! Sahur!"

Open the door just to find out, Pian my neighbor whom I asked to help me, waking up for sahur, standing with his blurry face. I immediately get my hands on my wallet and spectacles planning to go out to RZM cafe for some light sahur. Plan Canceled. Having sahur in the room instead with toast bread, milo and some panadol for extra kick. Yes. I'm having slight fever which I won't go to the click for check-up since I'll be quarantine at block Dugong, Sacred place of the infected, if I planned to visit the clinic.


After finishing my sahur, again, let myself slips into my world of unconsciousness. Hoping I could wake up at 30 minutes past 6 for my subuh prayer. Somewhat that does not happen. My bloody, noisy alarm clock which I bought at Sunway Pyramid does not rang. Maybe I didn't notice it due to super lack of sleep, not to mention my fever.

Instead I woke up at 9, in which my supposedly English replacement class starts. Went to my clique room just to find he's sleeping like a bear, with his hands on the phone. Woke him up, chat for some time, then went back to my room, just to do the unfinished calculus assignment i n which I failed to finish due to tiredness in physically and emotionally. Attend the class as normal. Saturday. Supposedly I sat in-front my study table going through the lecture slide before doing some exercise. The class started late. Very late actually. The good thing is that it finished early.


Went back to our hostel, already with the though of what to eat for buka puasa. Open my laptop again. Desperately searching for some delicious food picture. Okay. I just lied. Do my zuhur prayer, then went beck to study physics. Though subject.

Later at 4 o'clock sleep with my black sweater and blanket around my body. Changes in weather sure does affect my health in some way. Sleep for about an hour or two, then suddenly this big gorrila with and awfully manner disrupt my peaceful and long awaited sleeps with loud noise forcing me to go for my asar prayer. It was really annoying. Lucky him, my legs felt a little bit heavy. Not to mention i'm not really in the mood.


Went to Bazaar Ramadhan half an hour before breaking our fast. Crowdy place it is. Suprisingly a lot of familiar faces were found there. Foods here and there. Colorful juices and drinks can be found. Temptation. Damn. All looks very delicious. Darn.

That how my first day of ramadhan went. New experience is hard to come by right?

Until Then.

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