Saturday, August 15, 2009


Ah, the air. smells like ayam golek madu. Delicious. Btw, UTP is now having its 9th Convocation which sadly i am not invited to join. It's okay hanif, you'll be there. Insyallah.

Good Relaxing weekend is good. I seriously love this week. haha. suck it up la, this week kena enjoy, next week test has started. Darn.

Layang Layang

Weee.. my childhood dream finally come true..dapat jugak main FINALLY! aha. Wednesday, planning to jogging around the lake, but then suddenly one of my friend ask me to join them playing kite. Since it is very windly and it look like it gonna rain, so join jer la. First time beb dapat main. BEST BEST!

Some picture to show below.

Above : Kid's Nowadays..

Above: Sadly I don't have my camera with me =(

Larian Batik

OKAY. that sound lame at first, i get it. But then it was fun really. Got none picture to show you all, lupe bawak phone la...huhhuu. Anyway, i got 28th place which is nooooooot so bad la. atleast i got the number. Probably get some price kot. Hopefully!

Above: Larian Batik Merdeka or Leman boleh menang!


The best part of the Convocation. hihi. It was like pasar malam actually but it is in UTP, so its called convofair for the sake of mantaining high standard. (pfft) Anyway, Amy Search and Aizat did perform during saturday and sunday night. Went there at sunday night for some dinner and some crazy last minute shopping. Sadly, then I realized that this is just Tronoh. Nothing nice and cool can be found here..huhuhu. Got to go back to subang for Raya Shopping! oh yes!

Above: See you next year!

Anyway, It was fun. I've been waiting for time like this to get away from study, and have some fun. It was great!

It's soon people! Ramadhan is coming! Ah, I still remember how was my last Ramadhan. SPM, crazy act, awesomely delicious food. Ah. Memories!



p/s: I'll be updating blog soon. probably 1st ramadhan kot.

Until Then~

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