Sunday, August 30, 2009

Meaning of Independence

When I was very little

- merdeka? yay?

When I was in primary school.

- It's merdeka already?? cool. Its going to be fun with fireworks. Not to mention we have to sing merdeka theme song like for the whole month. EXTRA cool!

When I was in High School

- Merdeka? Cool. It's one day of holiday from tiring school life. Crap. More homework.

When I was in University (NOW)

- Yeah. Finally! It's a total freedom. Jom lepak Ipoh parade ramai2!! Go back the next morning and sleep throughout the day. lol.

Merdeka? People nowdays for sure doesnt know the real meaning to this simple word. They never experienced it. Never! Shouting merdeka! MERDEKA! merdeka! everytime its 31st August. Does they really know what it mean. Enjoying is the fun part, but going through it sure is a hellish moment aight??

apa apa pun,


p/s: I have a new addiction to coffee latte and sweets. damn.

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