Sunday, July 19, 2009

Journey to meet the King

King is definitely a very extravagant word yeah? No, I'm not going to get my Datuk title so soon. Ha ha ha ha. Stop. You're getting annoying Hanif.

It's scientific name is Durian schedapinyes.

Don't say you just believe me..

Okay yeah, back to the topic, i went back to my hometown in the search for the king of the fruits. It's Durian of course. I've been dying to eat durian well since the last time i ate the fruit, back at the Hari Keluarga V6. lol. I'm sure that everyone dislike durian, well, not all of them. Maybe because of their smells or whatever I don't know. But still you people can't deny the fact that it is delicious and yummy(especially the thick yellow color one. cooldown man.)

Golden looking durian.. I wonder how delicious it is...


Well maybe because i was born in Kampung Durian Sebatang in Raub, Pahang ,that I love eating the king of the fruit.

Okay, we started our journey quite late than the estimated time, just because I woke up pretty late(come on, I've been sleeping for less than 5 hours for entire last week.) since the other night i was busy chatting, i mean doing homework. Huhuhuhu.

Not yet full okay.

Arrived at my kampung around 12 noon, mingle for a while, eating few durians then move on the Kebun where all the king's have their meeting =p

Since I'm too tired( and lazy) to tell everything, therefore i'll cut to the end of the story. Plenty of Durians in my house now. haha. (Siapa duk dekat tu dtg la rmh, boleh makan durian, selain izzatul la, for you i give watermelon. haha =P)

Well, my mid sem break has just started fyi. Okay, time for a little break. hahaha. feel free to ask me out ya my kawan

Unitl Then~


  1. huhu...sedapnye durian...
    try durian hijau beserah, or durian bola...
    so yummy2...

  2. man.. its hard 2 read some of the part in ur blog... rearrange again ur colour k...
    she didnt eat durian>??? ok..ok.. special case.. muaha.. no wonder this evening u ate durian.. huhuhuhuhu... u have a big dusun man..

  3. lol. not mine larr. belong to my uncle..haha.