Tuesday, July 21, 2009



- You Can go out whenever, wherever you want!
- Your life is mainly dedicated for studies ;p
- You sleep with assignment, tutorial & Homework in mind
- boleh main counter malam sabtu >D
- CS is like main source of entertainment............not really.
- Noisy with people screaming(when they died playing CS)
- Maggi, Coffee and Milo are your best friends.
- Insect proven to be very VERY annoying!
- Sleep at 3 at normal basis
- Wake up at 7 at normal basis
- YM is a normal phenomenon at E-01-24 during mid-night
- People like to use your YM to chat with girls :S
- Messy room is normal
- Internet is the main problem that give you a headache.
- Internet drives you nuts.
- Competition is high.
- Transportation is like heaven(especially in the evening)
- People comparing you with other is common.
- Smart ASS is SMART.
- Last minute work is normal(the later the work the normal it become)
- Early work is something Mouth-Gaping
- Speaking in English is a must (yeah rite...)
- Taman Maju is like Sunway pyramid/ KLCC/ MidValley minus all the good scenery, great shops and entertainment.
- Everyone is a SMART ass.
- Weekend is like weekday minus the class.
- Weekend is not relaxing.
- Laptop is a must!
- Laptop cooler is important
- Night classes is very relaxing.
- Lecture is the best place to sleep.
- Tutorial is the 2nd best place to sleep.
- Passing through the 'Pak Guard' is like smuggling a packet of drugs illegally...
- Everyone like to YM.
- We are forced to use G-talk
- 24/7 is not enough
- Harsh word is common.
- We don't have senior until this holiday
- Super bike is common.
- Getting good grades is normal(for others)
- SAS, SMESH, STAR & ASIS are the best school!
- SMK is the worst
- USJ is nowhere
- Money is like everything
- Washing cloth is like WTF?
- IRC closed a 5pm?
- You've been living in Savanna
- Music is relaxing
- Chemistry is good. lol.
- A lot of quote can be learn from Mr. Samsul, Pre-Calculus lecturer
- Plagiarism is like normal
- Chemistry class is the best time for (you-know-what)
- Outside News is very rare.
- Getting up from sleep is very hard.
- Alarm clock never rang
- Call lab is Virus heaven
- Call lab is no place to have fun(even youtube is blocked)
- Teh Ais is FTW!
- Onemanga is popular

Other Category

- Everybody knows Rafiqa
- Nik Haris is teh so called master of Paintball
- Nas is the brilliant one.
- Leman is our driver
- Fazli love to flirt
- Syahmi/ Syah/ Syamat has many names
- Azman is rempit with super bike
- Some girls like to talk crap a lot
- Loga is not an indian(he's my roomate fyi)
- C.A is a top-up guy
- Chubby Sekolah Anak Sumpit( I wonder why)
- Mamu student terhebat ASIS
- Putera love riding his scooter around a corner
- Acap loves to involve in an accident
- Apiz hebat CS
- Razlan love to eat & play dota
- Ajieb pakar menyelam & timbul

seriously i have a lot of works to do now. huhuhu.


  1. i luvvvv this post very much... hahaha..kinda true story of utpians who likely living at desert.. huh.. the hot hot heat utp.. can't stand it.. really..

  2. byk point kau di atas tuh aku tak baper setuju tuh.. byk yg tak kene ngan kehidupan aku pun.. hahaha..

    tableyh nih tableyh..

  3. foner

    haha. tu life kat UTP bang..hhaha. kat Uia x tau la cmner la.... tpi bdak UTP sure sokong nyer. ahaha

  4. ngan aku pown byk gak yg tak kena sebenornyer.. haha.. ex, aku tak stay up sampai kol 3, n i don't play cs or dota or yg sewaktu dgnnyer.. but still, there are some points related..ex, plagiarism..wahaha..

    conclusion: tak semestinyer sume org nk kne related ngan sume points tu kan?

  5. aku suke part university no.12 sbb ade kaitan dgn part other category no.6

  6. hahaha.. tu smua konklusi dari pandangan aku jep. x tau la korang smua cmner

    shax - tipu ko x knal dia. ko duk mana selama ni? XD

    lan- sokong! HAHa

  7. Ajieb pakar menyelam & timbul?

    shax nieh x knal rafiqa?xyah kenal la..
    mmg akan TERkenal juge..
    dun worry..
    hehe :D

  8. haha..bapak rajen ko list kan sumer niey

  9. hahaha.. x der keje kot. bohsan :P