Thursday, July 23, 2009



I have a driving test. Yup. The second time. Eeeeaaaahhhh?? Don't tell me you? Yup. I failed it once. Bad memory bad memory.

And I'm pissed off right now! I've been waiting for nearly 6 hours in the canteen doing nothing. Just waste of my time. In the end. Haish, it's freaking waste of time!!!!!
I still have gazillion of work to do but hey, I just wast my precious 6 hour like that. Cool. Do you know how precious that time is??? 6 hours? Damn, I can play CS, bowling, watching a movie, shopping and window shopping for that long period.(Kalau Taman Maju transformed into a Sunway Pyramid takpe la gak, boleh gi lepak slalu..kekeke). Lucky me there is a place for me to take a nap. Yeah! boleh top-up tido balik :D

2 O'clock move to the hall for a little announcement and crap. Boring stuff. Queue for quite sometime then the moment arrives. This time the tester is a woman(again.) and definitely not a kind one, well woman..pfft. They are known to have special characteristic that are shown SOMETIMES :S Oh sorry officer. I'm a bit moody right now. Grr..

15 minutes passed. I passed. Eeeeaaah?? Hahaha. I know, I should be happy. (sajer nak buat post yg HOT skit. gagaga) :D

Above: me on the left in the next few years, driving a bentley =P

Now i'm really happy. No more officer watching my every steps when I'm driving..huhu. Uh. tired tired gler. Tomorrow going to shopping heaven for geeks, Lowyatt plaza. Hahaha.

Until Then~

p/s: holiday dah nak abis la..huhuhu

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