Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A mess

Hye, Assalamualaikum.

Where have you guys been? and i think it's not that late to say, Happy Eid Adha to all muslim around the globe, may this year sacrifice has more meaning to it than previous year. Amin.

Anyway, life's been a mess.

I rarely get to work this week, probably because the fact that i didn't care to call the PIC to say at what date i'm available for work, nor show up at the office to put my attendance on the work-day schedule. Maybe because i felt like 'tawar hati' to be staying working at Petrosains. Like really, since i did not get 6 day of working in a week. Sigh.

My becoming-dirty-and-paint-started-to-wear-off two wheel ride lately decided to make this difficult for me. I take it for a ride in the evening and i did not enjoy it at all. And those rattling sound it makes when the tyre started to turn, big turn off. Maybe will be visiting the bicycle shop tomorrow.

My room. Dirty, untidy, you name it. Guess i need to do some room cleaning tomorrow.

Diet slash workout? Terrible. I think i lost all those stamina i had over these weekends. Really need to be in shape again, but somewhat i lack the motivation to do so. Sigh.

All and all i really think i need some motivation. PETRONAS, please please please give me some motivation in my bank account. please *big eyes*


  1. Hey Wa alaikum assalaam, well if it makes you feel any better your facing the same problems thats pretty much everyone is facing. Try and tidy up your room. When you wake up in a clean room your mindset for the day is way better than a messy room and am talking from experience. btw my room is in a mess right now too..

  2. yup, i always prefer a tidy room anytime, but sometimes the lazy-sickness came and that's pretty much it. hehe