Thursday, October 20, 2011

Real Steel: worth the bucks?

So we meet again :)

Have you been doing good? Fever due to constant rain? Just make sure to avoid them.

Lately the urge of writing seems to be gushing out, trying to escape from the inside. But when i finally have the urge of writing something, i get lazy. Like real lazy. Like waking up in the morning then continue sleeping till it's noon. That kind of lazy.

But today i managed not to be a lazy person and be active a little bit. And today i watch Real Steel the second time. Yes. There aren't many movie that i watch twice, in the movie theater, the last one being Transformers i guess??

Real Deal.

Due to great recommendation from the web as well as friends, i decided to give it a try. Mind you i did not watch the trailer, but i know what it is all about. So the first impression? "i'm going to relax and just enjoy the show". Having to watch the movie after a tiring day at work, i did not expect much, but boy i really enjoyed it.

Fight little tinman

girls gonna love this kid. Belieber's too.

After watching it twice, i can say the fighting scene are great as they are. The fight between the robot really get into you, it's like you are really there. *spoiler alert* That feeling during the match between Atom and Twin Cities, that pure sense of excitement. Really have to give a big hand to the director and the cinematographer for the scene. Although watching the second time, you know pretty much what's happening, the feeling is still there.


I thought noise boy going to be the hero :(

I would say yes for Atom but nope, not so for Zeus, the big boss. Maybe because of it's looks, Zeus looks more animated that Atom. Maybe because the hero robot should be in focus more. I would say the graphic is on par with Transformers although transformers give you more 3d-orgasm. I'm not sure if Industrial Light and Magic were behind the movie or not, but sure as hell the graphic are great.


Go and watch it! That's all i got to say. But you don't have much option anyways. Three Musketeer? Not bad, but not worth the hype. Paranormal activity 3? Bullshit. What else, 3GP? I rather spend the money on food rather than watching crap movie like that.

and if you already watch it, do you know what's Charlie secret that is safe with Max? i know it. hehehe

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  1. real steel is awesome kan. & i adore that lil kid. he's so cool.

    btw, apa secret dia ek ? i was wondering too. lol.