Tuesday, October 11, 2011



Whew, it's been a while since i wrote here.

If you didn't get the news, i'm currently working part timer as a volunteer at Petrosains KLCC. Gosh! A lot of thing happen these few weeks and i have to apologize for not updating much. hehe. Because i'm too lazy :)

Anyway, tomorrow will began my journey as a volunteer at Petrosains as a Science Communicator. As grand as it sound, yes i will be communicating science to the customer/ visitor of Petrosains. Although that was my initial target, now i think i wanted to change department to an more technical department, ET or Engineered Technician....Okay i made that up. (i can't remember what it's really stand for :p ) Although i haven't began working, i did have some though of having another part time job, probably my previous job(as a waiter). But i'll wait till i get my duty calendar. If i really do have a lot of time to spend on nothing, then be a waiter it is.

and few weeks before, i had done some little projects for my future career. and here is the looks before the transformation

piece of crap metal

and here is, after transformation.

And yes, i use this nostalgic little mountain bike of mine from childhood to get to the nearest LRT station(which is 13km from my home mind you) and yes, i sweat like a pig when i finally reached the lrt station but positively, i think it is a good exercise though. just when everyone is rushing through the busy lane, i was riding the air, slicing through wind of change

and since i re-lived my old mtb, i started to have these deep interest in mtb racing. It's like WTF? Each time i get interested in something deeply(like jogging or gundam-building) i started to put hopes of getting the top notch, 99 level item.

Like this

Now i felt like buying a new mtb and i even started to look for parts review and the bike review and so on.

But get realistic, i need to atleast save up to RM2k in my account so that i can finally get back a stable financial status. hihi. But if i do have some money to spare, oh well, we'll talk about it when it is actually there in the account!

Hihihi. Got to go now. Live long and prosper my readers.

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