Saturday, January 3, 2009

Tired !

Ok.i just lost my leg now!

yesterday was still okay,but today is like freaking torture..damn i really cannot 'tahan' standing for more than 5 hours?

ah.i finally remeber the table number properly this time.good for me.

so i start today by surfing the interert in the morning right after my subuh prayer.then i started to go to my workplace (sunwayyy)..luckily for me,this time the bus that i took straight away going to sunway.i arrived at sunway like 20 minutes early..fuh~~

there,suprisingly i meet my 'padang friends' whom started to work today at Sushi King.OMG thats early!!they were like super fast than me although all of them took the same type of suck public transportation!

so i enter my workplace probably 10 minutes early,and i meet this new staff who still in his study(work only on weekends)..wait..ah DAMN i totally forget his name..

then i started cleaning the table,wiping the mirror etc.ha ha ha luckily it raining outside ,so not much people going to sunway(in the morning) i was relaxing for about 2 hours until 12.thats when things started to get a little bit hairy..the customer comes in like ants searching for sweets.
good thing i dont have any Ridsect..hahahaaa

Again i meet,yashu(izzit?),Dicky,Izzat and Johny .thank god.i dont have to do all the stuff by myself.

so i stopped at 3 o'clock.these 3 days i have to work only in 5 hour coz im still a begginer me rookie,noob or whatever.i still pwnt you in Dragon ball..hahahaha

aaah~~ im really tired now! ill post some more later.untill then.


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