Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Last Night

OK,im really REALLY scared right now.why you ask?well,actually last night ive had a dream,and its surely not a wonderfull dream where i get billion dollar or ride some awsome exotic car,but a bad BAD dream..

What its about??

Well,its actually about SPM..urghh.....i dream i only,i mean ONLY got 1A. OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!!! im dead meat if that really my result...anyway,its just a dream though,im sure my REAL result will be a lot more better than that i dream of,insyallah.


today is my off day,and because of that,ill be spending my time enjoying myself,well not really going to S.Pyramid this afternoon to buy some new cloth,and check out my NEW dream media player..yes,the not so new yer so attractive SAMSUNG P2..forget about the sansa clip already,im enough with small mp3 player.hahaha.well, the P2 is a 3' media player with TOUCH screen.yes,its the best competitor to the ipod touch,well if u know what i mean .....


and yes,FINALLY im going to resign from working ftom MFM.yeh.its rather a good feeling and also a bad feeling..well,i really want to lay low,and organize myself back since SPM result day ish near the corner,but i still want to work with the MFM staff especially kitchen stuff..they are really friendly.its been a month since im working here,so its feels like were a big family here in MFM..its really a sad feeling to actually say goodbye to them...

from right,Ming ,muzzil ,sone and err,sorry i dont remember your name..
(click for high resolution)

well thats it for now..ill update myself later on...


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  1. hanif, tahu tak, arlina mimpi dpt 4a je, menakutkan gila kan, rase mcm ergh, bangun pagi tu terus xleh buat ape2, haha