Thursday, February 19, 2009

Good bye!~

assalamualaikum and hello everyone..welcome to me blog. done working,for u all might know,yesterday (18/2/09 ) ish the last day of working for me at the MFM sunway pyramid.its really sad to finally leave this place.

1st week

its really weird to actually working as a waiter especially,when im not that great in talking in english plus being in different enviroment ...its nothing like school life,its much much harder.the first week feels like hell and i already change my feet several times already..ouch!

anyway,the first week is like 'sesi pengenalan' to all the stuff and the menu.yeah.i even brought home one menu to study which end up later below my bed.i guess i had enough of studying..hahaha

1st Month

i already become like senior already.hahaha ive known a lot of stuff,yet i still need to seek advise from the manager..well we have this competition for chinese new year,since our outlet have this promotion for chinese new year..this time, its all working and no rest.its not like im being to good kind of person but, the manager , Mr . Desmond make some the rules

1-each person have to sell a minimum amount of 10 for sharing meal or single meal.
2-ill send you a warning letter if u fail(i was like WTF?)
3-2nd price got lobster (fcuk a lobster for real!!!!!)

then we all start to focus on selling the set and no more playing time..but in the end all started to sold less and lesser.(i sold 90+ set ..ohohohoh)

so finally i got 5th i got myself an ice lemon tea with lemon slice( WTF?)

Ah~~miss those time already.

Yesterday was a sad and not to forget a tiring day.i started working at 3 o'clock, since this is the last day ,so ive decided to come 2 hours early,yea im that nerd.

anyway,they all acting like normal,but i know they will miss gonna miss you guys my other friend,izzat whom also having his last day yesterday, was celebrated..the manager 'belanja' him a Big Boat(kids meal) and a drink.luck him,i got nothing,but the manager promise me a lunch meal next time i had a visit here when im returning the shirt.weeeee
then later at night as usuall we have a futsal tournament...yeah,it was fun coz there are not much team,but still we only play for an hour..then me and muzzil 'lepak' at some mamak stall near my primary really hungry at that time,so i had a nasi goreng cendawan..the i got back,brush my teeth and send myself flying to the bed .

anyway,thats all for now.ill be updating much moar nowday since i got a LOT of free time of myself now.g bye!!

Last Night.(from left tin , kobie muzzil)

Kitchen stuff..aloma you guys!

Front staff.gonna miss you guys!


Kobie and Tin(they are gay,happy i mean)

Last day Closing

General Cleaning.2 o'clock go back.tired like hell

Lion Dance and the day i lost my ears!!

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