Friday, July 29, 2011

Not so Captain America

I've just finished watch the so called Harry Potter box office killer and i got to say it doesn't meet my expectation. but why?

Well, to start off, i didn't expect anything. I did not read the comic books, i did not follow the Avanger series and yet alone digging the superhero background which i usually do when i expect the movie to be a hit. So let's break down what the UPS and DOWNS i've had.


1. Superhero movies

I never hate or dislike any superhero movies, it's like when i'm sitting there on my seat with my 3D glass on, my inner kid break outs tearing the flesh apart and silently, giggly, happily waiting for some action on the screen.

2. Avanger related.

I love movies that makes you relate with other movies. Like Captain America, you'll be seeing Tony Stark father, ...(put his first name here) Stark and also the ever famous Nick fury in this movie. Opsie, spoiler alert.

3. Unrealistic

Sometimes what we all need is a little imagination and world of unrealism because let's face it, World war II without laser guns, hi-tech jet fighter and humongous tank going to be rather dry.

4. Three, two, one action!

Action is superb. Especially with 3D, i can say i did dodged when Captain America threw his round shield to the screen. Although it was not as great as Sucker Punch, i say its still great.

5. Compostition.

I mean the plot composition. It was not flat but rather back and forth. You know, like Inception. Yes. That.


1. Stupid kids don't know what they are laughing at

It really suck to have kids, watching movies in the cinema, laughing their ass of to something they didn't even understand. Come on kids, this ain't Toy Story 3. Get out.

2. America

Well, this is a movie of a superhero of America...

3. Boring

It's not like it's boring, i am well entertained but when i'm out of the cinema, let's just say i can't say much about it. There is nothing other than me dodging the round shield. I just can't say anything much more.

Sum it up!

So, is it good or bad? Well i got to say, it's more to the good side. I was entertain but it was meh, nothing to talk to, nothing to say other than its good to those who haven't see it. But i hope the next chapter of it going to be better with all of the Avanger teaming up to fight some bad ass. and hopefully that going to be soon enough :)

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