Tuesday, July 19, 2011

(Challenges: Running) timepiece.

Well hello there. Long time no see. Hee. Sorry life's been a total wreck but i guess now i have some time to post on this blog.

So, you see last Thursday my trusty ol' Timex Expedition watch leather strap decided to give away and break during my outing to Tesco Pengkalan. Then i wonder, how could this happen. Because i just change the strap about 4 or so month before that. Then i realize, that this is the watch that i strap on when i go to class, jogging, movies, pretty much everywhere.

So these abuse usage especially when used in workout when a lot of vigorous movement of the hand plus sweats makes the leather strap 'expired' a lot faster than it should.

Long story short, i decided to buy a new sports watch since my dream of getting a GPS watch is still wondering in the clouds. I've send my order last Sunday and 2 days later,


From July 19, 2011

Fun things come in small blue package.

From July 19, 2011

Tehee :)

From July 19, 2011

Good old Timex Expedition. Haven't in need to find it's replacement. Not yet.

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