Friday, November 30, 2012

The Life of Piscine Molitor Patel

Be warned though, this review do come in with spoiler.

 but not this kind of spoiler though.


Meet Pi and his fellow tiger friend, Richard Parker.

I had the chance to watch the movie on the afternoon, the first screening time that are available for the movie, Life of Pi at Sunway Pyramid TGV. I wanted to watch the IMAX version of it, but at that time i had the Royale Popcorn in mind and 30 ringgit worth of money in my pocket. Its either IMAX with no food, or a normal one but with a very sweet caramel popcorn. So i took the earlier one but when im at the food counter, its sold out. Dissapointment.

Enough with popcorn chit chatting. Let's get back to the story.

From the very beginning, after watching the trailer few times at cinema prior to movie screening, i knew that this movie will be most experienced in an IMAX 3D theater. With so many beautiful scene, nice action 'pop' out of the screen moment, it's going to be very interesting overall experience. and it does. Even without the 3D stuff.

Visual effect wise, it's very nice. the graphic was awesome, although i can detect when they are actually using CGI. But for most of the part, the tiger looks pretty much real to me. idk. you tell me.

The storyline is indeed brilliant. I love how the transition of the film, from the story telling to the past flashback, they came in a good time. I still haven't grasp the real ending to the story, either about the tiger or the fake story Pi made up for the investigator. Because lets face it, there's no such thing as floating banana! hahaha

Audio were superb. The roar. The scream of Pi when he was fighting with Richard Parker. The sound sunk deep into the bones i tell you.

And yes, it's quite a funny movie. There's  so many scene that can go from all thing serious to something everyone can laugh off.

Got to love the meerkats. and yes Richard love them too. haha

Overall i would say its a great movie. It does not have the complicated story that make you go awe after the movie ends like Inception nor Looper do, but it doesnt have to. The story is about a moral value, and moral value it is that we spectator get after the end of the show. Well, atleast i do feel the message of Faith the movie trying to show off.

If i have to say something that i dont like about the movie, its the whole 3D things that fake your perception a little. Im not sure Industrial Light & Magic was behind this or not, but i think the 3D part can be improve more. and also the ending was a little too average. It doesnt have an Awe factor some movie have. But the 3/4 of the movie is enough to make yourself enjoy the overall journey.

Definitely a must watch movie this year. Along with Looper, or the Dark Knight Rises.

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  1. the tiger was fake 95% of the time. only in certain swimming shots they used the real tiger. If u got fooled i dare say the 3D was pretty good. :p