Monday, December 17, 2012

Bangkok 2012 : Prologue

It all started on a Monday morning when i received a called from Ajieb. Despite after a day after getting home from Johor Baharu for an Event, (which i haven't got the chance to publish the post. maybe after this.) that morning i woke up early like im about to head out to office for my work although obviously i'm currently unemployed. The conversation sound like this,

ajieb: You want to go to Bangkok or not?
me: What? Seriously?(i didnt really believe his word since he sounded less enthusiastic than normal when talking about a race event)
ajieb: Ya of course seriously! Get ready, we'll head to Putrajaya this evening to make our passport.

Although still being clueless on how the hell he managed to get a pair of ticket to Race of Champions 2012, Bangkok when the result clearly never state our name in one of the winner. Despite being cynical about the whole going to Bangkok thing, straight away I rush into the toilet and groom myself. The passport needed to be done by that particular day since the organizer needed the passport number. So we don't have much choice!

Thankfully the service at Putrajaya Immigration Office went smoothly which overall process from taking the Queue number to paying the money to the counter to actually get my hands on the passport took about 3 hours. Not bad considering its Monday and it's after lunch time.(fyi: its rm100 for 2 years of passport validity.)

Now the passport have been issued, what left is to wait for the Organizer to email the details to us.

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