Monday, December 31, 2012

Two Thousand Twelve

Although in a midst of finishing my entry on Bangkok2012, i don't think im able to finish it by new year. So instead of the continuation of my Bangkok story, ill share my 2012 moment, right here in this blog i made, about the same time i'm typing this off, 4 years back(2008).

First and foremost, i'm grateful to Allah the Almighty for giving me chance, day by day, to live past this year, 2012. In a sense, 2012 is the year of growth for me. Growing for an inner child to a mere adult, an adolescent. It is the year that i carried the most responsibilities. The year, i accept my weakness and tried to overcome it. and Alhamdulillah, i've succeed in some of it. This is the year that i become honest with my feeling,( and that need no further explanation. hehe). This is the year that i open my mind to other people work, not only focusing on engineering related, but to other aspect as well. This is the year that i overcame the fear of growing up, the fear of doing something i've never done before. This is the year that i learn the meaning of failure. Failure in my work as a robocon member, failure in finding a fixed part time job, failure to be competitive with others. and i accept all of that. 2012 is the year that i've learn, friends wont be there forever. They'll break apart, move away, although some might stay. This is the year im thankful for whom i've became, and the path that i have chosen as a student of UTP. This is the year i've learn, the world is a scary place to live in.

Although this year came with ups and down, i thank you Lord for helping me along the way, guiding me at the time i need the most, reminding me of who i am when i lost myself. Thank you to my parent and family for the love and care, and all the help you guys provide me all this time.Thank you to all my friends, old ones or the new ones for being there at every moment.

There's nothing to write here as for what i expected for 2013. I'll make a new one since i've got a lot planned for next year.

Until then 2012.

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