Monday, December 17, 2012

World Islamic Economic Forum. 8th edition. Johor Bahru

I'm never fond of economic subject. In fact, i've never had a proper subject of economic. Mainly because of my nature of a scientist (pfft.) who like to wonder and understand how things work. But that doesn't mean i'll ignore everything related to the economy.

The World Islamic Economic Forum or WIEF for short, was held at Persada Convention Center, Johor Bahru from the 4th till 6th of December. But, being a volunteer working as a luggage carrier(someone that assist people luggage at the airport) we had to came few days early, since the delegates or the VIP might came few days earlier. So for me, it all began on 1st of December and ends at 9th of December.

p/s: sorry for low-res photo. Quite disappointed with myself for not bringing along my dslr on this trip.

I was allocated for the AM shift, and together with me a total number of 7 people in the AM crew. same goes to PM crew. One thing that really make this 1 week a great journey is how, 7 people from different part of Malaysia, different type of universities, different field of study, came together in a team. and on the second day, it felt like we all have been like old friends. Laughing, making fun of each other, playing UNO cards, teasing, chit chatting. Usually it takes a while for a team to get close to each member. But this time its different. and i have to give a credit to the leader, Salleh for making AM crew a really great crew!

And talking about different people, i truly believe this type of event is a great chance to encounter different type of people. You know like in UTP, you will always stuck with people with engineering mind, or a bussiness/ICT mind. But when you go out, talking to people from other disciplines, it really open your mind to an open discussion. There's Adli, or we all call him as Deli, a physic graduate of USM, just graduate 2 months ago, but currently doing auditing for a Japanese company. There's Salleh from Petaling. A very active volunteer, and working in IT. Then there is Juwe maktab and teqqq, both from Kelantan, both from same high school and same event of MyHarapan. But the earlier study TESL while the later study bussiness. Finally there is the ladies of AM crew, Ayu and Mirah. Both from UTM, taking Civil engineering. Finally someone taking engineering! haha

a.m. crew boys at Kota Tinggi Waterfall.

to me, this one week is really a good experience. and joining an event with no friend that know you, really challenge you to be a little bit more proactive and always be in the social zone. Because admit it, when you have friend with you, you tend to be in your safe zone and be less talkative and passive.But when you are alone, it feels like you have to let that inner you shine so that your voice are heard and acknowledge.

 Lepak-ing & camwhoring on the last day of our work.

Truly, this is one of the enjoyable event i've had this year :)

Dinner supported by a generous Delegates :) Thank You.

p.s: credit photo to Dato Azabul for his long lifespan ipad. when all smartphone dies, all left is a tablet. lol.

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