Sunday, December 30, 2012

Bangkok 2012 : Episode 3. SORRY SORRY SORRY (bukan lagu kepop)

Woke up early the next morning. 

Saturday morning. 

Ajieb still in his deep sleep. Well after all, we are traveling 1000km just to sleep in a nice comfy hotel on a Saturday morning. Since the hotel have a swimming pool, i decided that we should go down swimming before our breakfast. Breakfast is normal buffet style with lots of food option, but since we are in a foreign country, we try our best to be vegetarian.(unless its says Halal on the menu.)

Right after breakfast, we're off for a session of sight seeing around the city of Bangkok. Ajieb wanted to find some fried grasshopper, while i wanted to take photo of interesting places around here. So we walked around, from one shopping mall to another. Being in a city, there aren't many exotic place to visit. and being in Thailand, the majority of tourist attraction were temple, which i think isn't an appropriate place for us to go. So we went to where all the girls go when oversea, shopping malls! We get into IOI Mall, Central Mall and Siam Paragon. There wasn't much inside IOI, but Siam Paragon. It's quite an amazing mall i tell you. They have section for stuff on each floor. On level 3 or was it level 4, the whole level is filled with tech and gadget shop. The Cinema was amazing with an ambient, candle light dinner atmosphere. But being a traveler with no money to spend on shopping, we just went there, look around, touch some gadget, and went back. Window shopping, as some people might referred as to.

The night before we planned together with few other winner from the same competition to depart together to the stadium at 3 p.m Saturday. and so we did. But after a disappointing 30 min waiting for them to come by, we decided to just give ourself a head start. It took about 20 min walking distance from our hotel to the nearest, aerotrain station, the Ratchaprarop station. Then we took the train to Ramkhamheng station. From there, it's about 2 km from Rajamangla stadium, where the Race of Champion event are held. Since we have plenty time to killed until 6 p.m which is the opening time of the stadium, we decided to walk our way, 2km to the stadium with a help of a map. For me it's a normal thing since i usually walked about the same distance each time i want to go to KLCC from Lowyat, taking the route to Pavillion and then through some hotel and finally KLCC. But for ajieb, hahaha. That needs no further explaination.

A very rare Mitsuoka Galue s50 Limo

Policemen here are very dedicated. thumbs up for that.
aliens wording. but we can guess what it means.

After walking for about 30 minutes, plus lost inside the campus, we arrived at the stadium. There was not so many booth there, but each of them are quite spacious nonetheless. Big shot like Redbull, Yamaha, Toyota, Lamborghini are present, with Yamaha having the largest booth and a race track for a scooter racing event as well as for stunts performances.

"Yes! Finally"

While waiting to get in the stadium we look around for some food and Alhamdulillah there is a stall with muslim, selling chicken wings(small ones) for only rm1 each. There was only 2 stall that have muslim food, one being the fried meat/chicken stall, and the other one is murtabak stall.

 Jorge Lorenzo live at Yamaha humongous booth.

When finally waiting in line to get into the stadium, how surprised i was to know that i can't get my camera into the stadium. Even more absurd, i don't know the reason why i can't bring my camera in. In this digital era, it is just insane for not owning a camera. Even mobile phones have camera! and there's the language barrier. How the hell im suppose to let them took care of my dslr even when they can't speak simple English! She kept on saying "Sorry, sorry, sorry" , while crossing her arm like an 'X' shape. emphasizing the no camera rules. So with a raging heart i decided to get back in line and just ignore the warning. There's no way i'm giving my dslr for them to keep while i'm in the stadium. There was a trust issue and secondly im not so comfortable giving something like a dslr to any organizing committee people. Again when im at the entrance, i was again hold off because of my dslr. Luckily there are some chinese people that also brings dslr camera trying to justify the ban of dslr camera and in the midst of the chaos, i took that chance and slip away. Finally. Although still experiencing language barrier even after entering the stadium, we finally find a good spot to sit and after a morning of walking, we finally sat down, chilling until the event starts off.

Finally inside the Rajamangla Stadium :D

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