Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Bangkok 2012: episode 1

and since you guys probably wander from previous post about my trip to Thailand, just how did i get my hands on a free, all paid expense(hotel and flight) to Thailand, here is how the story goes.

Initially, we didn't have luck in winning the competition by Toyota 86 Asia(search on facebook). But my friend, Ajieb, after the result was out, sent an instant message to Toyota 86 Asia facebook group saying that just in case any winner back out, we are willing to go in their place instead. And so we did!

I meet up with Ajieb at nearby mamak stall for a football match between Malaysia and Thailand, at the night before our flight is schedule. Jep was there too. and we discuss matter regarding our travel plan for the next few days. The big problem was, it was a really bad timing. We both are quite broke you see. His payday is due this week, another half of my payday from WIEF still haven't be bank in(at that time) and talk about traveling to other country where Malaysian ringgit cannot be use. Just how the hell?

So, after the disappointing football match, we get back home with a plan to take a cab in the early Friday morning since our flight is on 8 a.m in the morning and being in an international flight for the first time, i took my father advice of getting there atleast 3 hours before deaprture. And so we did. At about 3 in the morning, we took a cab from my house directly to KLIA. Although ready to pay a large sum of money for taking a cab after midnight(double!) we were thankful enough that the fare is no less than rm80! Alhamdulillah.

Having our taxi ride for no longer than half and hour, we have about an hour to spare till the approximation time for out luggage check in. So we wonder around the sleepless airport of KLIA. There was many people here, probably waiting to transit or just waiting for the earliest flight. It's a rare scene to me as this is my first time taking an international flight and an early morning flight.

When we finish checking in our luggage, look for a nearby surau and had our Subuh prayer. After that straight away into the immigration counter and to the respective terminal where i'm going to aboard Thai Airways to Suvarnabhumi airport. Honestly, the thought of going oversea with less than rm400 really scares me. My mind goes from the normal scene to the worst case scenario where im left with no money and all my luggage went missing. It scares the shit out of me. Nevertheless, i muster my courage and board the plane. So boarding the plane it is, buckled up, put my barely 'new' t-Jays two earphone and the rest of the 1 hour journey was history since i was very much tired from lack of sleep earlier.

Next stop, Thailand!

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