Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Bangkok 2012: episode 2 : Living in a strange world

It was about 8.30 a.m. local time when the plane finally prepared for take off. Although I haven't slept that night, the feeling of a speeding airplane about to take off woke me up for a second, just enough for me to look at the watch and read the dials. An hour later, i woke with an empty and probably singing stomach since it been 9 hours with nothing other than air in my stomach. At about 11 a.m. local time, we arrived safely at Suvarnambhumi Airport.

Mind you, the organizer only gave us our hotel name and our flight details. So when we finally arrive at the airport, passed the immigration, took our luggage, we were very clueless on what to do next. In the back of my mind, usually when we are invited as a winner of some contest on oversea, there will be someone from the organizing commity that going to meet us at the airport, escort us to the hotel and give all the info for the event scheduled to start on that night. So we waited for our shuttle bus to our hotel. and after some disappointing moment, we decided to ask around how to get to our hotel. Well there is a saying that if we are shy to ask, we'll get lost!

Our hotel, the Novotel Platinum Bangkok is located right at the city center of Bangkok. With more than 4 mall surrounding our hotel. So, from the Suvarnambhumi Airport, we took an airport train, similar to our KLIA Express to the nearest stop, Ratchaprarop station. One thing that bothers me is how much the spelling differ from how it should be said. the airport name, Suvarnabhumi, how it should be said sound like suwanabuh. You just don't get it. Even android apps can help me converting words in thai into english. Talk about being a smart phone. pfft.

Upon arrival to our destined station, having finally have our hotel in sight, we hastily look for a way to the hotel. It's quite exciting, walking in a city so foreign, so different yet the atmosphere were relatively close to one place i usually go. Kuala lumpur. It's so congested, vehicle fume everywhere, the hot scorching sun. Almost identical in these aspect. From the train station to the hotel is about 10 to 15 minutes walking distance. When we finally check in our hotel its already noon there. Probably about 1 p.m . So without any waiting, rush to our room, and take some refreshing shower.

 Daylight view from our room.

 some familiar place we got here.

Funny thing is, the shower room are pretty much visible from outside. that time, we just don't know how the hell we are going to shower with only clear glass separating the shower room and the living room. and i mean clear, you can see what the other person is doing in the bathroom even when you are in the living room. Great! Luckily we found a switch for a curtain that can cover the whole glass. But still, it wasn't much of a cover i would say.

see that plain brown like cover for the bathroom. lol

Later that evening, although we both agreed to have a proper deep slumber on the very much likely for me, one of the best hotel bed I've ever layed, we decided to head down to the nearest mall to get ourself local telco provider since Celcom roaming is expensive like a cup of Starbuck and we are pretty much broke people. and after done getting ourself a new number, it's time to head back to our hotel and hit the sack. Woke up later at 6 p.m because the atmosphere is like at 7p.m in Malaysia. Its a little weird, but it's something i can get used to. No big deal :p

 Night view from the room. Taken this about 6.30p.m local time.

That night, we got a called from the hotel lobby of some package for us from the organizer. Nice. Just like one of those Amazing race stuff. haha. In the package that we just receive, there was some info about the event itself and 2 pax passes for the 3 day event. Since it was late to go for the Friday show, we decided to call it a night and watch some movie on the tv until we dozed off.

Up next, Day 2!

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