Sunday, January 6, 2013

my 2013 resolution might not be 1920x1080 but...

Though its already been 5 day since the first of January, the first day of the year, until now, i haven't done my official 2013 resolution yet. 2012 resolution can go into the dustbin because well, i kinda lost the notebook where i jot down those resolution. hahaha. Despite that, i still remember some of it and some i did managed to achieve last year.

Nevertheless, this is 2013. and here is my 2013 resolution. Drum roll pliz.

*Badum tss*

1. Be a better muslim. and this will be in my resolution each and every year. because i admit it, sometimes i am a bad muslim, and this thing we need to improve all the time, until the end of our time.

2. Try not to forget anyone birthday. Hopefully facebook will remind me few days earlier. hahaha. just kidding. i do jot down birthdays on my calendar.

3. Finish up, atleast five 10k races this year. and by the end of 2013, im expecting 5 finisher medals hanging at my wall, proudly!

4. Get my B license! and btw, Just now i had my first lesson and as expected, i fall down the bike. and yes. i do look stoopid. but that's part of the learning process!

5. Score a great company for internship. Yes. i'll be having my internship or latihan perindustrian or praktikal or what ever you call it next June i suppose. So yeah. Hoping for a great company where i can expand my interest in automotive/ motorsport industry.

6. Backpacking oversea! haha. hopefully. this is indeed, the last year to enjoy before entering working phase.

To me, these resolution are achievable, but only with a clear set on the target, willing power but more importantly, with the help of Allah. InsyaAllah, when this year end, ill look back and smile with what i have achieved.

Now, back to Bangkok 2012 story shall we? hehe

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