Sunday, February 3, 2013

First 10k. Officially.


Today, i did my first ever official 10k race. Despite the race called 10k, it was more or less about 8k, due to some technical matter from the organizer. Something about not getting the permit for the initial road which suppose to be, as it called, 10k.

Regardless about it being 8k or 10k, i had a great run this morning. Great that it went smoothly, great that i've finished with no major injury.

Melawati 10k.

Having this race to be my debut race for official race event, i've no idea at all about how it all start. Since i've already got my bib and shirt a day before the race, i believe what left is for me to get there and wait at the starting line. and i was quite amazed by the type of people, not so of the number of the people. all people from different background, wearing different attire, different shoes(yeah, i was lurking around if there is someone with the same shoes as mine. like kids, i know.)

and when the race started, like always it takes some time to spread the crowd. about 3 min into the race(approx.) the crowd started to disperse, and i'm able to find a comfortable pace to begin. a good no brainer strategy is to run in your comfortable pace, then after a while, find someone with the same pace, and stick to that guy. at first i follow some guy with LYN runner shirt, after a while i left him because i felt like were not in the same pace. then i follow another guy with yellow shirt. but at that time, it started to get hilly and i kinda lost some pace and ran comfortably on my own.

the route were very challenging i would say! usually i would run on place where the elevation wont be much felt to my body, but here, the elevation really, will break your determination! like really! hills after hills. then comes the last, longest hill. It's a blessing in disguise though. as i found that these are the places that i can take advantage and take over some people. but you need to have a great determination though! Just look on the tarmac and maintain that poise.

there were 2 water station, but i stop at the 2nd one since the first one was to crowded. and i have to say, running for 6k or so over hills, after a short drink of isotonic drink, it felt like the energy came rushing. although not much, but good enough to make you feel better, physically.

and at the last 200m, i was pushing hard. i felt like i can run more. and there's this guy screaming inspiring words. and then before i know, the finishing line.

it doesn't felt anything really, until i managed to stop the timer on my watch. Clocking a 48min59s for about 8k. Not bad. Not bad at all. considering the hilly terrain, considering this was my first time here(at Tmn Melawati), i think it's a great run. in an average i was doing 6min/km. My target pace for this kind of race(10K). The rest was history. gulping down 4 cups of 100plus, 2 cups of milo, then felt slightly weird. haha. Get on hold my medal and cert, and some photos as a souvenir.

and btw its a drug. Running like this is addicting.
because of that, just now i registered for another 10k race on April. hahaha.

Next stop: Brooks 10k, Bukit Jalil.

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