Saturday, March 28, 2009

oh my~

assalamualaikum and hello!


1st day in driving school sure is boring i know what it felt like to go to 5 hours class ..

lol.the METRO car arrived around 8.15 in the morning then went to get some more srudent and then bam! to the academy we go.the journey kinda boring,okay it was very boring since im a 1st timer.

arrived there,have to register.give my IC,put my thumb on the scanner,and like always the scanner fails to scan my finger print.dammit why this always happen to me!!! first it happen back then when i want to open my CIMB acount. then this one.

im very sure SKYNETzz is behindz zis!

after that i have to wait half an hour till the class starts(10.45).the classes sure are long and boring.maybe because i still dont have friends there.luckly theres this big indian guy who sat besides me who started breaking the ice.well actually i did first but he was the one who introduce himself.His name is Ash btw,kinda friendly.his studying A-levels at Taylors though,and surprisingly he is 17????he say he got 3 or less month before he finish his a-levels.

NO! not this Ash!

So the rest of the class is rather boring but thanks to the happy -go-lucky lecturer i manage to not to sleep in the middle of the class..not seeing anyone after kinda shy ha ha ha


rest time

We got like 2 because i have no other companion there,i started to look up my handphone and try to kill-time but sadly SADLY (ha ha ) that someone didnt reply not until class

after finish those terrible 5 longest hour in this year,i finally gain some courage to talk to some girl who happen to sat beside me in at the stairs in front the office..didnt know her name but all i know she is still in school(form 5)and studying in PJ.then i meet this another girl whom i really think i saw her back in school.she is having SPM this year too and happen to living in the SS.dont know her name too.haha.i guess im that kinda shy.

Later ,arrived home like 5 oclock with empty stomach and some rice and cookies and then staright to bed(want to go to play soccer but its raining heavilly outside).


haha.since i hurt someone feeling today because of something i didnt expected to be, just want to say sorry =P ha ha.

tomorrow is sunday and the best thing is there is no class tomorrow!yeah!
now i can dom my sleep late-woke late routine again.atleast for one day lol..

got to go..

until then~


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