Saturday, March 28, 2009



assalamualaikum and hello everyone!!!!


It is official then,ill be going school tomorrow.yea i know very well,tomorrow is holiday and a day we all should go to shopping complex and buy stuff,but i have to start school tomorrow because i dont want to waste more time doing something thats doesnt bring any good.(sleeping is good,overslept not)

ill be learning how to drive in Metro driving academy school(got ya didnt i...but its still a school rite?)starting tomorrow and the rest of the week until i pass all the test with flying colours.haha.

16 days after 1st april interview of PILN(program ijazah luar negara) from MARA on that yeah suck on me because i have to go there alone (why didnt my other friends got on 13??grrrrr).

i really am nervous going for an interview(who doesnt?) and hopefully just hopefully i can make it through.and if i make it through,i promise too you guys reader that i will buy a new pair of futsal shoes.i want to 'belanja' you guys but you guys should be really busy with your life rite?haha..joking only


yay! im no longer having block again..yeppii!!!! now im really into drawing back! I dont know why but its really relaxing to actually draw something after about 3 month drawing crap and crap.

'crap' i mention.

nice isnt it?haha

me 10 years very good looking back in the

Thats its for now i guess,have class tomorrow..better get my energy bar refill thoug..

until then~~

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  1. haniff, arlina dpt 15 :O alaa kenapa tak same ni. ceh nk jgk same, haha