Sunday, March 22, 2009

new entry of RANDOMness



i really dont know what to write up in my blog..just typing for the sake of updating only.


For once i really thought that writing blog is troublesome.why you ask? well, i have a lot of point but ill drop a few.

1.You will be considered dead or something by your online friends if you didnt update so so long.

2.People will rush you to update your blog which is very stressfull considering you need more time of yourself to *ehem* do your THINGS .

3.I dont know why,but i felt guilty everytime i failed to update my blog eventhough i really want to post something new.

4.this is all just a bullsh* crapping when I just woke


Oh well,you guys might wonder what do i do now.well the answer is obviously NOTHING.

This should be the time for form5 graduates to ,you know continues study in local matriculation or university.

but what did i do?well,apart from taking my lisence probably next week, im just sitting here in front of my PC read people blog,chat with people,myspacing,friendstering(wow!i just make a new word.) and reading people comment and testi.hehehehe

okay.i admit my writing have been bad lately due to insufficient motivation recievedmaybe .or maybe i should write crap more.what do you think?

until then..


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