Sunday, March 1, 2009



duhh.i had no idea what so ever to write in my blog,but im still writing since well i read f-one-r blog(just copycat your post,with little confession ;p) and im just too boring since,yeah im not working anymore.sigh.

Im bored!yeah,i believe everyone is.I didnt recieve my salary yet.crap.i should recieve it already but since i resign from work in the middle of the month,so the managment think i should recieve my salary via cheque.damn you HQ people!!!

Anyway,the SPM result will be out soon.Well ,its already march people!!!!!!

Damn!I hope i can get gurrrrrret result,but its better if i dont hope too much.(because ill be crushed if i dont achieve the target lol.)

Well,since i still not recieve my salary,so my Samsung P2 have to wait.Shit! my phone battery kept draining like hell since ive been using it frequently to listen to music...Nevertheless,ill buy the P2 right after my salary comes out.

Sorry guys, 'BELANJA' have to wait also..

well,thats all for now. i guess this is randomzzz..

until then~

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